Kan-Razy!? What Is Kanye REALLY Trying to Tell Us?

Kanye West is a great Hip Hop musician with a lot of his work going down as legendary or classic. Over the past few years mostly what we’ve really heard about Ye is centered on these now called ‘rants’. Looking back you could say the infamous incident with Taylor Swift and of course ‘George Bush hates black people’ were small bursts of his so-called ranting. When Kanye had it out with Jimmy Kimmel I initially thought it was a joke and paid it no attention. That’s how we look at him now, as a joke. People may eventually turn their ears when they hear about the latest verbal altercation involving Yeezy. That’s if they’re not one of those people who enjoy the current dramatic theatrics of gossip. During every one of these rants there is a message that gets lost in his passion which inhibits him from conveying his message. I was rather upset when I heard the interview he did with Sway on his show especially after the excellent way he handled himself at the Breakfast Club Morning Show on Power105 in NY. I wasn’t upset with Ye or Sway, I was upset because soon after the interview aired the only audio that was made available was the three minutes where he was ‘ranting’.

My first reaction was what happened before he went off? What was the question Sway asked? Why is he angry?! Only a day or two later, after the hype wore down, was the full thirty-five minute interview made available. Of course I listened to the entire interview and was able to understand Kanye’s POV a lot better. Ye has been trying to open the people’s eyes and minds to how the media controls society and how it is all ties into politics and business. To control the media is to control society. Everything that is played on television, radio, posted online, or conveyed through media is controlled by a very small group of people. These products that we purchase where we think we can have a choice when in actuality the same company owns all those products and makes a profit regardless. It is widely known that the more you hear a song the more likely you are to eventually like the song. The same for television. If the radio only allows Rap (not Hip Hop) artists who make ‘trap music’ to be played, because they are getting paid to do so, than we as a community will begin to like the ignorant bass and 808’s of a trap song and not listen to anything focusing on our children, self-worth, or any other positive attributes about ourselves as a people. The media controls how artists or products are viewed in the public eye. That’s why Ye is telling us to not believe the media outlets that are trying to say he’s crazy or discredit him. Kanye has been having issues with companies that are not allowing him creative control or other control business wise despite wanting to work with him. Let’s be honest, Kanye is extremely creative and has many talents but is becoming frustrated by these big companies, names, and brands because they are not allowing him to be able to express himself creatively. These companies know if Kanye attaches his name to something it could rake in millions and possibly billions and they do not want to see him be successful either because he’s black or because he’s a ‘rapper’. Brands in Hip Hop Culture and the endorsement of artists is nothing new. If these companies are stifling Ye imagine what they are doing us! They are forcing us to listen to this dilapidated rap music with no wholesome television programming on any channel. Anyone in the industry who doesn’t advocate for the culture is a dead beat leach looking for a dollar trying to get by. Advocate when they say we can’t promo that or we can’t spin that joint right now.

Everybody is scared to lose their job but if there is no Hip Hop you won’t have a job! Stop feeding into these fake holidays like Columbus Day and celebrate Kwanzaa with your children. If you are off from work your child should still go to school! When’s the last time you’ve seen a commercial about education in your community? But you’ve seen commercials for holiday sales and other things you can’t afford. I always tell the students I work with in the community that you can recognize a poor (yes poor!) person by the way they dress. They are always in the freshest shoes, clothes, and have all the material items just to keep up with the people who own the products. The celebs get their product for free in some instances and you out here trying to keep up with them? I see debt and loan commercials every day. You don’t need a loan to get something you don’t need or can’t afford to pay back. That’s how you get your credit messed up! You will never be turned away for having a student loan but a repo or an eviction could set you back. Everybody can’t afford college? Duh! Nobody can! We all got student loans! But they don’t tell you that because they don’t want you to succeed! We want you to stay in debt and work at least two jobs to pay for stuff you don’t need and miss your loan payment. It’s a cycle it’s the economy. It’s is only the black community that suffers at a higher level than any other minority group. We have been programmed since slavery to obey ‘the powers that be’ and not to question society. If you do something bad will happen. Black people aren’t lazy!!!! They telling us that to keep us in our place! We built America!!!!!!! You can’t tell me we are incapable of getting our point across in politics, education, or social issues! The black community could be one of the most powerful minority groups in the world but we’re not, not yet.

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