We are all about educating here and so sometimes I have to use current incidents within the culture to educate our readers. However, sometimes I ignore certain moments not because there isn’t a lesson to be learned but to reduce the amount of energy I put into certain people. There are certain people who’ll remain nameless for the sake of our energy, both mine and yours, that we just can’t keep investing in. Even if you don’t purchase or stream their music you still contribute to the success of these people when you like a social media post about them…even if it’s not on their page. I’ve been guilty but I don’t like to beat a dead horse. These people cannot be successful if we’re not talking about them. No matter how big the stunt is and no matter how far the trolling goes we cannot give it our attention.

Any news is good news these days good or bad and when you don’t have any quality music to show for it you have nothing. When your audience grows up and the major social media platforms that you’re used to have lost popularity where do you go to rebrand yourself? You get back the same energy you put in so if your energy is violent that is going to come back to you. If your energy is pleasant and gracious then that’s what you will get in return. Save your energy for an artist that deserves it. Denying someone your energy preserves your mind, your spirit, and your heart. I guarantee you they won’t be able to keep the same energy they have now at thirty-five or forty years old. If you’re still dyeing your locs or getting “custom unicorn/rainbow” dye jobs at forty years old you need to rethink your priorities and put down the drugs.

Energy can only be transferred from object to object so once you have given them your energy what do you think they do with it? There is an exchange of energy that goes on also and exposing yourself to negative, violent, or unwanted energy can have an effect on you and your behavior. Watch a bunch of “ratchet” television shows coupled with “ratchet” music and you might start exhibiting “ratchet” behavior. Listening to uplifting music and watching television shows will eventually uplift you. You can feel a person’s energy as soon as you meet them. There are two types of energy, potential and kinetic. Kinetic energy is found in sound waves and once the kinetic energy from the music hits your ears it’s up to you what you decide to do with it.

“To be honest, dawg, I ain’t feelin’ your energy.” – Kanye West (Real Friends)

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