Labor of Love

Labor Day is the United States is a day set aside for us to essentially do nothing. The history of the government holiday has turned into a stream of income for major corporations as we cash in on a “sale.” Everyone deserves a break and Rappers never really get one. Today’s “hot” rapper has to maintain their social media which is a job in and of itself. Even if you have a team of people to do most of your day to day you have to respond to an email, jump on a conference call, or return a text message that’s all work related. Some of the “hottest” don’t get to enjoy their money, family, let alone themselves because they’re so busy being the hottest rapper. From reading media articles that make you look bad to watching a soundbite create a media firestorm it all can become taxing and with Rappers being so young it can be a lot to handle.

I know we talk about mental health and drug abuse but sometimes a peace of mind can avoid all of that. If you run into your favorite Rapper you don’t always have to run up to them or stare them down. Sometimes just admire them from afar; their careers have them living their lives like a goldfish. Last year I saw Treach of Naughty by Nature at the airport when I was leaving Las Vegas but I didn’t run up to him in a frenzy. Rappers work hard and they need some down time also. A lot of them are doing something they love and are sharing a piece of themselves with us. You can tell when a project is a labor of love because it is reflected in the music. Why do you think a Rapper’s first album is always their best? Because they pour everything they have into that initial project in hopes of it making them the newest “hottest” rapper out right now.

A Rapper who puts their all into a project needs time to recharge themselves that’s why some artists can put out a plethora of projects so frequently. That is another indicator as to who’ll be around in forty years or more. Don’t get me wrong some of them deserve a break and some of them need to be held accountable and we can’t let up! Stay on their necks! The government only gives us one day and the summer is quickly coming to an end so even though we’ve gotten a lot of great projects this summer there’s plenty of time for more great work. Hopefully some artists made the necessary adjustments and the rest just stick to the script.

The fruits of my labor, I enjoy ’em while they still ripe – Lil Wayne (6 Foot 7 Foot)



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