Leaders of the New School

Happy Friday Hip Hop Heads!!! Whew! We made it to another weekend post. Trump hasn’t been impeached, J. Cole is still popping with no features, and Nicki finally responded to Remy Ma with No Frauds. There seems to be a lot of confusion about how a person should respond to a diss track. There’s confusion on what a freestyle is and there’s also confusion as to why a Rapper can’t be considered a real emcee based on whether or not they write their own rhymes. This confusion between industry and the streets and the blurred lines that social media promotes does not help the culture. Hip Hop Culture was once a breeding ground for young leaders. With the dismantling of the Black Panther Party and other voices from the Civil Rights Era the leaders within Hip Hop Culture weren’t cultivated and died down. That is when the “Puffy Era” began to kick-off. It’s no secret that our leaders were gunned down in cold blood and it is no secret that any minority that stands up for their people will be isolated and targeted by the government. Nobody wants to be a leader if it involves death.

Groups and emcees like X-Clan, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, and the like were mainstream emcees inspiring us to be us! Without these types of artists we were given artists like Lil Kim, Mase, and Jay-Z who didn’t have those same types of messages but still possessed those same leadership skills. Women wanted to be Kim and men wanted to be Jay. Now women want to be Superhead and Lil Uzi Vert. Can you see the differences? We need leaders for the new school to show the young people how this Hip Hop thing should go. I keep telling you all that there are rules and parameters that have to be followed in order to maintain the culture as a whole. Stop fooling yourself for monetary gain, ego, and acceptance. J. Cole, K. Dot, Migos, Future, Chance the Rapper, are on top right now so they are a few of the leaders that were chosen by the masses to represent Hip Hop/Rap music. Some are doing a good job, some aren’t’, and some are still on the fence. Half of new artists say that they don’t want to be a role-model but that’s because they know they aren’t doing the right things and handling their business.

A leader has to be someone who is unequivocally play by the rules of Hip Hop. They have to know their history, write their own rhymes, freestyle rhymes that aren’t written, and spit fire bars over any track regardless of beats per minute. Plaques are great to have but not a requirement for as we know there are plenty of undeserving artists out there with hardware in their homes. Young artists need to be mentored behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. They need to be developed and sure of themselves before getting involved in the entertainment business. Artists need to be educated! Education is a major key!!! If you want to work in the Hip Hop business you have to know something whether you went to college or are self-taught you need to have the knowledge. If you can’t read a contract or count your own money how long do you think you’d last in the industry? There is no physical school of hard knocks where you can go and learn the industry. Most involved learned through their mistakes but why make a costly mistake that you could have avoided with a simple conversation with a veteran in the game. Following the leader is a title, theme, and task. Now you know, you don’t have to ask.

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