Leave It in 2016

It is NYE eve Hip Hop Heads! Whew, what a year. We got some great Hip Hop music and bars officially came back this year. There are so many memes about how bad 2016 was but honestly life is what you make it. It was a great year for Hip Hop and not such a great year for Rap music. Artist are becoming more independent thanks to the internet and labels may become a thing of the past. We’ve had some history being made with the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour. We need to bring that type of energy into 2017 and leave the negative stuff in 2016. If you are a young Rapper that doesn’t know his/her Hip Hop History we’re leaving you in 2016. We are only bringing in the young emcees that respect the legends that came before them. There are only a few albums that were released in 2016 that I’m bringing with me into 2017! With President-Elect Donald Trump preparing to take office a lot of people are thinking that a lot of great Hip Hop will come out of it. If we weren’t getting great Hip Hop when G. W. Bush was in office what makes Trump so different?

The young Rappers are popping pills, drinking lean, and doing other drugs so they aren’t even aware enough to have an opinion because they aren’t sober. In the nineties and early 2000s Rappers were using ecstasy and some probably were sprinkling some white stuff on their marijuana but that’s only speculation. So if the drugs are harder now in 2016 than they were in 1999 the only people who are going to put out any music for the movement are the ones who always do it; Common, Talib Kweli, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and I’ll add T.I. since his Us or Else project is so underrated. We got De La Soul, ATCQ, and The LOX back this year and those projects spoke to Hip Hop Culture but the message was still there. Mumble Rappers, I’m not going to mention any names but we have to leave you in 2016 unless you’re going to start taking your profession seriously.

We all have to pledge to embrace Hip Hop Culture in 2017 and leave the wack Rap, mumble Rappers, druggy Raps, emo Raps, and whatever else you can think of that hinders the culture here in the U.S. Hip Hop Culture is thriving in other countries and continents but the mecca is suffering thanks to technology and big business. We have to unite for the sake of the culture! Today is the fifth day of Kwanzaa and today’s principle is Nia, purpose. Let’s remember the purpose as to why Hip Hop was created in the Bronx all those years ago. If we take that single principle with us into 2017 it’d make Hip Hop Culture and our own personal lives a little better. We just have to stop taking the culture and ourselves for granted and that’s if we want Hip Hop Culture to last beyond 2016 and 2017.

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