Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Oh the tangled web we weave. I’m not sure about you but there have been a lot of stories of sexual assault this year. From Nate Parker to Kodak Black sexual assault has a deep history for Black-Americans. As a Black-American woman I do understand the pain we go through with a history of being a sexual deviant in this country. However for the purposes of this blog I cannot ignore the seriousness of this problem on college campuses, professional sports, and in the military. Allegations against Afrika Bambaataa were also publicized this year. In the short forty plus years that Hip Hop Culture has been in existence it has adopted the same negative business culture the industry has been offering since music turned into a business. That means drugs and sex whether it be consensual, sexual assault, rape, or even death. Hip Hop/Rap music has had their fair share of domestic violence issues as well and that’s not a knock to the culture but to our society as a whole.

Kodak Black is nineteen years old and is in jail stemming from various charges and one of them being sexual assault. White males are exercising their privileges after several have been either released from jail or have had all charges dropped in sexual assault cases. This is where being a man in America means and has always meant that men must dominate women in every aspect of life in some way. It could be something as simple as equal pay for equal work or women being seen as being weaker than men in general. Taking advantage of someone who is unable to respond clearly if at all is wrong. If that person says “no” then you need to back away slowly with your hands in the air. I do not condone “drunk sex” as that may be used against you at any time. I suggest that you do not do any other drugs and have sex either, even if it’s “only marijuana”.

Victims of sexual assault and rape have traumatic pasts that they have to live with while the attacker is living carefree in most cases. Having to live with that memory changes a person forever and can have drastic outcomes such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and suicide. It is especially hard when the attacker has the ability to continue to be close to you in some way i.e. work or school. The industry is small so if someone is sexually assaulted there’s a chance they may run into their attacker at an awards show or a performance somewhere. Technology provides attackers ways to maintain unwanted contact with their victims. To even think that some predators use Hip Hop/Rap music to manipulate people and take things that don’t belong to them all because they themselves feel powerless in other aspects. Rap music is misogynistic yes we know but what comes with that? There are two sides to every coin and not all groupies are hoes, some of them actually start off as fans. At least that’s how it used to be but Hip Hop/Rap music needs to talk about sex. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.

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