Levels of Awareness

 Last week the world was in an uproar over several issues happening in our society. Some people focused on Cecil the lion being killed, some were focused on the Meek Mill versus Drake situation, and the rest were focused on Sandra Bland and Samuel Dubose. With everything going on in the world it is up to you what you focus on. Some people thought it was stupid for the media to report on the death of Cecil the lion when Black people are hunted in the same way by racists, government, and authority figures. Some people found that focusing in on the Meek and Drake situation just as ridiculous when there are mountains of issues happening within our community. The question is why can’t a person be aware and active on multiple issues at the same time?

If you can focus on all of the issues that were mentioned at the top of this piece than you my friend have the ability to multi-task. Multi-tasking is something I learned firsthand while working at a major fast food restaurant in high school. You have to be quick and efficient without overworking yourself. It’s like a basic Lean Six Sigma class. We all have the ability to multi-task whether we are good at it or not. If you can wear Gucci and Bally at the same damn time or be on the phone and cooking dope at the same damn time than you can be focused on sociopolitical issues and what’s happening in Hip Hop at the same damn time. You don’t have to be stuck on one path or on one idea. Don’t let people box you in. you can talk to your boys or your crew about police brutality cases and the upcoming release of the Migos album in the same conversation. You don’t have to be an expert on politics or social issues to have an opinion about ethics. Some people abide by the code of the streets which is nothing more than an ethics code for the streets but like all ethical codes there are gray areas that call for certain decisions to be made depending on the situation.

If someone from the Hip Hop community finds themselves in a serious situation we shouldn’t be active in the social or political realm? What about issues concerning the financial economy of our country? I can’t care about all those issues? They count on us not being aware or involved in those types of issues so that when it’s time to vote we’re uneducated on the issues and they can coax us into voting for whomever they want in office. Jay Z running for public office will get my attention but I will also be focused on other issues. I can breathe and think at the same time. You can have concerns across multiple issues if you so choose but don’t allow people to box you into their opinions just because you aren’t up on the latest news. If you want to be one track minded that’s your business; it’s a bad idea but you have the right to choose. Just don’t assume that people aren’t aware or involved just because they aren’t talking about it. That person could be more educated on a topic than you are so don’t embarrass yourself. It is important for you to be versed in all issues. You don’t have to know everything about everything but you do need to know something about everything.

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