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As we are half way through Hip Hop History Month I think we should reflect on the word history and how what happens today shapes our future perspective of the culture. If you’re an older reader you may understand because you remember who you were at nineteen and twenty five. If you’re a young reader you may remember when you were eight or fifteen years old and the things you did that you probably wouldn’t do now. As we grow older we grow wiser, well we should anyway. Hip Hop Culture is very young in its mid-forties and still has a lot to learn; about the business, technology, social media, and finances. When we look back at this era we may decide as a culture that it wasn’t a good time. It was almost as if Hip Hop’s stock had plummeted. Now look at us we’re finally getting recognized as the number one musical genre in the country.

There will always be younger fans plus older fans, yet the thought process will be the same but the music won’t. You just have to hope you get to live through some great eras of the culture. We won’t know what Hip Hop Culture will be in 2073 but if we document, pen, share, read, and educate ourselves and each other on the core values of the culture then the future will be fine and when we look back on Hip Hop history with pride because we know we did everything we could to preserve the culture. You get back what you put in and we hadn’t put much in until only a few years ago which is rhymes, lyrics, and bars are becoming more popular. As time continues to go on and we all live our respective lives we’ll experience music differently and that’s’ okay.

Some of you will hate songs you love now and some of you will learn lyrics you never knew before. Even the artist outgrow themselves. Jay Z is no longer the hustle man, Kanye is no longer the Polo man, and Snoop is still the weed man. 2018 is one of the best years the culture has had in a long time and we are living in these moments. We need to take it all in and remember where we were when we heard DAYTONA. Where were you when you found out Wayne got out of his Cash Money deal or of Mac Miller’s death? I remember where I was when I found out Tupac and Big Pun passed. I remember when Jay Z alleged he was retiring and I remember when Dipset broke up. I remember hearing about the Rucker Park games and I remember the shootouts at Hot97. All of that is Hip Hop History and we have to take the good moments with the bad but we have to relish in it and make a worthy contribution if you want those living in 2073 to have those same memories as you.

“I’m not braggin but this is what hip hop is achieving” – KRS ONE (Throw Down)

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