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It’s Friday again! This week the Rap community gathered to watch Radric “Gucci Mane” Davis marry his longtime girlfriend Keyshia “Ka’Oir” Watson on BET’s “The Mane Event” that aired on Tuesday night. The ceremony was very classy and elegant with everyone dressed in white. Gucci Mane is a legend in the streets of Atlanta but Gucci has clearly grown up and despite making poor choices as a young man he seems much wiser now and seems to understand the importance of having a wife. Jay Z and Beyoncé aren’t the only couple with the caption #RelationshipGoals. Throughout the years many Emcees and Rappers have been married to their high school sweethearts or women who they’ve known for many years. It’s all about keeping themselves grounded. The women remind them of their pre-celebrity lives. These women were there for the glow-up and these women have proved through the tough times that they are trustworthy and reliable. That goes both ways because being married to a popular Rapper is no small feat. It’s no secret that Snoop Dogg’s Beautiful is about his wife Shante Broadus and LL Cool J’s Luv U Better is about his wife, Simone. We must never forget Ja Rule’s classic, Put It On Me, which was also about his wife Aisha.

Some of the “hardest” Rappers out have wives. I’m not talking about longtime girlfriends I’m talking about spouses who share the same last name. The industry talk would have you to believe that being married is something only women in Rap are worried about but it’s really the men. J. Cole, Kendrick, Logic, and Wale have been rumored and/or confirmed to be married and they haven’t even been in the game for ten years. A lot of young Rappers talk about popping pills and taking another man’s woman but if you decipher the rhyme it sounds like a depressed young man who is abusing drugs because he isn’t getting what he really needs, love and affection (Cues Future’s verse on Love Song). Styles P is one of the rawest and dopest emcees of all time and he’s been married for at least fifteen years to his wife Adjua. Some Rappers aren’t trying to “hide” their relationship but some Rappers are made to do so by the labels because it could “hurt their image” of being a whore which is looked at as a good thing for men.

However women in Hip Hop have an undertone of eventually wanting to get married and have a family subsequently ending their careers but not men. They can do all of the aforementioned as long as it’s done in the dark they can rhyme for the rest of their lives. Gucci and Keyshia’s wedding had the gangstas wanting to get married! A lot of Rappers like to say they’re “married to the game” and “money over b*tches” but turn around and treat their mothers like the wife they probably need in their lives. The labels are against family units because they don’t know how to market that type of imagery to Black folks as if we don’t have any concept or understanding of marriage. We’re all just out here having sex and making babies. If 2Chainz put his relationship out into the public eye I’m sure they’d become #RelationshipGoals and every trapper in the country would get married at the courthouse tomorrow. I know some people like to keep their personal lives private and I cosign that wholeheartedly but don’t Rap about sexual encounters with random women when your wife is with you in the studio. Love and Hip Hop have a strange relationship in that you have to hide or be ashamed of being in love and connecting with those emotions but I guess money is the de facto variable that determines who can promote such a thing.

“Money matrimony, yeah they tryna break the marriage up” – Kanye West (Gotta Have It)

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