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Every day there are acts of violence that go unnoticed or unjustified. Every day there are people who are ignored and dismissed. On Friday, a gunman opened fire inside of a municipal center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Many of you know that we are located within an hour of the city and is considered one of the “seven cities”. Think of the Seven Cities as the Seven Burroughs of New York, it’s the same concept. Allegedly he was a “disgruntled” employee that came to work like he always does and killed eleven people and injured four more who are currently in the ICU at a local hospital. I think it is essential to understand that not everyone who commits these mass murder crimes has an issue with mental illness. Don’t get it twisted! To bring it into perspective, I want to take you all back to the nineties when Rappers seemed like they were unable to control their emotions. Shootouts and radio stations, smacking label heads, threatening dee jays, and everything else a young man from the streets could think of to get their respect and their money.

With the increasingly reduced levels of human interaction due to social media young people’s emotions are sometimes controlled by social media. Not enough likes, not enough reposts, not enough comments, or not enough views. Controlling your emotions is something that is learned over time. As you get older you learn more effective coping skills as you go through various social and interpersonal experiences. That’s why you see a lot of young rappers “tweet-n-delete” or “go live-n-hide”. They don’t know who to ask for help and they don’t know where to seek assistance with their business and personal needs. Roc Nation can’t help every artist, some artists are going to help themselves. They will have to put aside their ego and forget about the money if they want to come out unscathed. They will have to put down the drugs if they want to be able to think clearly and efficiently enough to manage their thoughts and emotions.

When people make irrational decisions it is likely that they are under the influence of some type of substance including alcohol. Controlling your emotions is a lost art form that has taken the life of many. Even us as everyday people working in the regular world, you have to hold your composure sometimes. Reacting is what gives the pessimist control over your emotions. Not every person is purposefully attempting to knock you off your square, so being able to verbally respond in a way that is expressing your feelings in a clear and concise manner may alleviate any negative interactions in the future. The more successful or positive social interactions you have with other people offline the more confident you will feel about socializing with people offline and your emotions will thank you for it. Navigating your emotions as a young person is already difficult but, controlling them is something that requires constant learning and constant practice. Interact with different people, engage with peers out of state, and communicate in a different language or you’ll going to be mad all by yourself whether you’re in a prison cell, psych ward, or a coffin.

“Truth is you’re too emotional and need a better filter.” – Joe Budden (Ordinary Love S*** [Parts 1 & 2])

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