Mass Appeal

There are about 7 billion people on Earth and your favorite rapper wants the world to listen to their music. A person’s behavior is people pleasing minus the few that are more self-serving; but for the most part everything you and I do is to please someone else. Whether it’s dying your locs various colors or rapping below their skill level it’s all about the mass appeal. Creating this image or this persona that puts out a certain idea or character that creates a form of delusional thinking on the part of the artist and the consumer. Through repetition and frequency you (we) the consumer are courted then seduced into mistaking the delusion for truth. Your favorite rapper can’t sing but the industry will put out images and contort sounds to make you believe that your favorite rapper is one of the coldest singers since Jill Scott. Some rappers are willing to lose their family, money, sanity, and health for “fans” who are in love with this false reality of who the artist really is.

The false reality of living in a delusion can result in a major mental health crisis or a loss of empathy which we see on all social media platforms. These “stans” are living in a delusion. Kanye West is living in a delusion and he is overtly trying to get his fans to give in to his delusion and although some people are absolutely against it you have some who are blindly following Mr. West and the rest are struggling to assimilate to his way of thinking. I don’t know about you all but I’m not having any trouble assimilating because I am making a conscious effort not to. I’m trying to protect my own sanity not please someone else’s. We give in to the delusions of others every day in the United States of America especially if you belong to a minority group. (Everybody thinks they’re a minority in 2018 but they still don’t want to be Black) The English killed the Natives of this land through assimilation and other acts of violence.

Assimilation erases culture by forcing the cultured to lose, forget, neglect, hate, and fear their own heritage through acts of violence or trauma. Mass appeal is desired by whomever wants you to assimilate. That’s why violence has to come into play because those who “need” to assimilate don’t actually want to assimilate and the threat of death can make anyone do anything. The thing is there is no threat of violence for not listening to every album an artist puts out. There’s no threat of violence if you don’t buy merch or don’t go to a concert. There is no threat of violence whatsoever so why do we have to give in to the delusion of someone else just so they can be “successful” and live a certain lifestyle that we may or may not obtain?

“Maybe your soul you’d sell to have mass appeal.” – G.U.R.U. (Mass Appeal)

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