Mass Media Incarceration

Over the past few weeks all we’ve heard about was Game, Meek Mill, and Beanie Sigel. We’re not going to delve into that topic as I already have in “Hip Hop Violence in 2016”. Game and Beans have been making their rounds doing interviews on various Podcasts and radio shows. If you haven’t heard Beanie Sigel’s interview on Tax Stone’s podcast, Tax Season, I urge you to do so. If you’re familiar with Beanie Sigel than you’re familiar with State Property and the members of that crew; Peedi Crakk, Oschino & Sparks, Chris & Neef, Beanie Sigel, and Freeway. It wasn’t too long prior to Sigel appearing on Tax Season that Oschino had been on the show as well so it was no secret that those two had an issue between them. Now fast forward to Beanie Sigel appearing on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club last week. Now, I’m not sure if you all know this but sometimes Charlamagne is working at a radio station and has to operate within a certain context. Yes he says some crazy things but best believe his employer is not going to just let him say whatever he wants to say. The Beanie Sigel interview is not different than the Hilary Clinton interview. Ask certain questions so the person being interviewed will be viewed in a certain way. One of the jobs of most media outlets is miseducation.

That’s where we are with media outlets in 2016. Look at VLADTV, they do interviews that sometimes last two hours but all we get are “random” eight minute clips with headlines that are designed to bait you into clicking on the link and watching the interview. The entire interview Charlamagne acted like he was ignorant of street life and law. Just because you’re a “civilian” now doesn’t mean you forgot where you came from. You know what it means when someone says somebody is “real” and not a sucka. Someone being “real “doesn’t automatically mean they’re involved in criminal activity and Charlamagne knows that I’m sure of it. There were a lot of questions being asked that did not have anything to do with Beanie Sigel like the clothing designs for the State Property clothing line. Why would you ask Beans about the hidden pockets in the jackets as if he designed them? Why would you have Oschino on the show after Beans after it’s clear they don’t have a relationship right now? For drama and ratings what else is there?

The Beanie Sigel interview got over 1 million views on YouTube. Throughout the interview Beans’ loyalty, character, and skills were thrown under the bus. Millennials don’t really know who Beanie Sigel is but what happens on The Breakfast Club shapes their views on how they see emcees and others from the good old days. We know Beans as the Broad St. Bully who some would say is a better emcee than Jay Z but because of this interview young people may see him as the weak old head that got knocked out by Meek’s boy. They don’t know about Reservoir Dogs or Feel It In The Air. The media manipulates the thoughts, minds, and perceptions of the viewers/listeners. You have to have your own opinion and not be so easily swayed. I like The Breakfast Club but I can tell the difference between them in the early days on air and now. Don’t bash the LGBT community because we want their money but manipulate people from you’re on community because we know we can get their money regardless. If you study the media correctly you’ll definitely get an ear full.