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Amongst all of that is going on I’ve been hearing rumblings from the talented Mr. Flowers, better known as Jay Electronica. The emcee has been popping up on social media a lot lately, a lot like his brother Kanye West. These two emcees in the past have always had Twitter accounts but rarely used them making a solitaire tweet making everyone stop what they were doing to decipher the post. From both Rappers we hoped that we’d get some news on new music, especially from Jay Electronica. Kanye has learned from his wife how to utilize social media to promote your brand, products, and overall image. For whatever reason both of them have decided that 2016 would be the year they became more “social”. I’m not sure who they’re taking cues from but it seems like they are looking to 50 Cent for advice. Fifty has Instagram, Kanye has Twitter, and apparently Jay Elec has Periscope. Now I actually watched Jay Electronica’s Periscope video live and I was more confused by that than Kanye’s recent tweets. I’m sorry people but yes, I am pro-Kanye’s personality. Imagine if more of us had his strong personality maybe we’d stand up for ourselves a little more and get what we feel we deserve instead of backing down or giving up when someone tells us “no”. For every MLK, Jr there’s a Malcolm X and for every Kendrick Lamar there’s a Kanye West.

People have opinions as to how both emcees are handling their frustrations on social media but people have opinions about everything so who cares. I just don’t want them to ruin their brand by becoming an online caricature of themselves, look at 50 Cent. Fifty used to have a tough persona and image but now he has reduced himself to Instagram thug. People don’t take Fifty serious and only look to him for jokes which are probably part of the reason The Kanan Tape didn’t do what it should’ve since it was a pretty good project. Look at Plies, Ran Off on the Plug Twice only gained popularity because of the parody videos on social media. Kanye West is pretty much cemented in his own lane but still risks losing momentum with his tweeting. Jay Electronica is a top emcee but without a mainstream release, old fans will get tired of waiting and new fans will only know him as the guy that’s envious of Kendrick. Some people already called him jealous after Big Sean’s Control was released. Please don’t be that guy.

Sometimes a personality can turn people away even if the music is super dope. A lot of fans aren’t open-minded to even hear an artist out and allow them to be vulnerable in that way. The same way we have opinions they do too and 140 characters is not enough to truly get your point across to millions of people around the world because it leaves too much room for interpretation. When most of those people don’t have access to “behind the scenes” information to know what’s truth and what isn’t, they only rely on media to tell them even though they aren’t getting the full story. Even if the information is coming directly from a Kanye tweet or a Jay Electronica Periscope video, fans don’t know your point of view or where you’re coming from so instead of coming off as a THE Kanye West or THE Jay Electronica you’re coming across as the one and only, Random MC Social Media.

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