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By now I’m going to guess that you readers have seen Snoop Dogg in the video for the Remix of the BADBADNOTGOOD song Lavender. Snoop has not responded or even gotten caught up in any of the mess that the media is trying to engage him in. Bravo to Snoop for knowing when to be quiet because as someone who is outspoken silence can sometimes be more impactful than any words you could use. We talked about the other Rappers who seconded the opinion that was expressed i.e. T.I. and Talib Kweli Who we didn’t talk about was Shad (Lil) “Bow Wow” Moss’s reaction to Trump’s tweet about Snoop. I’m not going to retype his poor choice of words but you can click here to read what the former So So Def Rapper tweeted to Donald Trump.

Now I know I’m not in the Rap matrix but last time I checked no one is really checking for Bow Wow anymore. Not his fan base and not Hip Hop purists. Sure he’s still getting residual money but as most of us know, money ain’t a thang. Mr. Moss has not records on the radio and nor does he have any on Soundcloud. He doesn’t have a dance record for the kiddos and his bars have never been lethal, potent but not lethal. So we know where the Rap community stands with Shad Moss but people on the outside looking in don’t have a clue and they take Bow Wow’s word as gold because why, he’s a Rapper. They don’t know that Bow Wow is quick to jump on social media and tweet his unsolicited opinion. They don’t know that he isn’t a highly respected emcee in the culture. (He should get more respect but I think his personality may be preventing those accolades.) Outsiders will always be quick to generalize a group of people and sensationalize them as a leader of said group resulting in a misrepresentation of said group. Basically, Bow Wow is a Rapper so mainstream Republicans and GOP folks are generalizing him and responding as if he is the go-to-guy or a leader within Hip Hop Culture.

Jesse Jackson isn’t the leader of Black folks in America and neither is Al Sharpton, Oprah, and definitely not Bill Clinton. (Giving out “Black cards” is another blog on another site) We might consider The Obamas and The Carters but not Shad Gregory Moss. Bow Wow does not speak on behalf of the culture. No one person can lead a culture built on diversity and respect. The culture can sometimes be misrepresented by some who mean well and those who mean to do wrong but if anyone says anything that isn’t agreed upon by the majority everything can go left. How many fans does Bow Wow lose every time he says something people don’t like? Bow Wow has the tenure but he doesn’t have the respect. No man or woman can lead any group of people without garnering their respect. Any type of misrepresentation of the culture can be bad for the culture. Bad rapping, poor style choices, and explicit drug abuse, are all examples of misrepresentation in Rap/Hip Hop. The last thing we need is for someone who has been in the game for over fifteen years to put his foot in his mouth and singlehandedly take down the culture because the thin-skinned POTUS has a problem with what she or he says.

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