Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems II: A 50/50 Chance

I’m just going to get straight into it and if you haven’t read Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems please do so by clicking the link! If you didn’t know 50 Cent has been under fire and back in court this week due to his recent activity on Instagram. Since then 50 has deleted most, if not all, of his IG posts of him “having fun with money”. No more sleeping with money, eating money, counting money, or having nightmares about money covering your legs! This is partly the media’s fault as well as our own for putting this type of pressure on 50 Cent and other Rappers to flaunt their affluence or pretend to live a certain lifestyle. When 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy those of us that know even a little bit about money knew that 50 wasn’t bankrupt as in flat broke and low income. However, that did not stop the media (including social media) from roasting 50 and giving him a taste of his own meme medicine. So what does 50 do when he’s backed into a corner, he comes out swinging! He went out of his way to show all of us that he was not broke in any sense of the word.

The problem with this is 50 Cent is a Black man and a Rapper, the double-edged sword of the game. I’m not sure if 50 forgot or what but Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom are not going to let you lie or even seem to have gotten over on them especially in the media. You’re not running off on this plug! Now you have to back track and really get your ducks in a row because now you’re being investigated by the FBI. There’s level to this too! America will get you out of paying a Black woman the money she deserves from being disrespected in the media because the system doesn’t care about minority women let alone Black-American women but you’re not going to get over on America! Therefore because you lied or may have lied to America, they’re going to up the ante and might even let the woman get her money just to spite him. If they’ll do it to 50 Cent there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll do it to you too! You can’t just make up excuses that aren’t believable because as a Rapper and a Black man you go into a courtroom with NO credibility, guilty until proven innocent! Now 50 Cent might have a fed case because the “fake” money from his posts needs to be checked for counterfeit bills. That’s just a trumped up assumption or at least an excuse to misuse tax dollars.

The Hip Hop cops are still out there and they are on your Twitter feed, Facebook timeline, IG, Periscope, Pinterest, Vine, and probably still your MySpace trying to build up a case! We have to be more careful about what we put on the internet about ourselves and each other. We need to stay abreast on as much of the law as we possibly can, educate ourselves, and exercise our rights if we want to get out of certain sticky situations. Just because lawyers are advising you does not mean they are giving you the best advice. A lot of people have accountants but you should still know how your money is being spent. I hope 50 Cent can get out of this. He claims that someone else will now be in charge of his Instagram but not after a few posts claiming that he’s broke. The damage may already be done in the screenshot era, just Google search “50 Cent money”. Trust me an instance like this can happen to anyone. It may not be in reference to money but we all have someone watching us whether it’s in real life or online, if it’s not money it’s something else.

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