Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

We all strive to be financially well off, it’s the “American dream”. Some of us may be born into it or acquire it for ourselves. Financially well off is a subjective term since some of us just want to be able to pay for our kids to go to college while some of us want to be the next Madame C. J. Walker. Most of us Hip Hop heads weren’t born into much of anything although we are grateful for what we had growing up nothing can drive a person more than the struggle. However, a lot of us get deterred and start to feel hopeless and they get caught in the socioeconomic trap that was set up by the government to keep Black-Americans, other minorities, and poor whites dependent on a system of traps. Even if one of us was able to make it out, Uncle Sam is right there waiting to collect off of your success despite them not doing anything to help you in the process. We’ve all heard stories of Rappers and athletes who blow through their million dollar contract earnings only to be back on the streets working alongside you and me. Making poor financial decisions is one thing but showing off your earnings after Uncle Sam told you to pay off a debt is a whole other ball game.

We know 50 Cent declared bankruptcy last year but that was a rich man’s ploy to not have to pay a big bill. Since then we’ve seen Fifty post semi-funny Instagram posts about how he basically isn’t broke. So of course the prosecutors investigated using the latest technology, social media. Now the judge is worried that 50 Cent may not have disclosed all of his earnings and/or assets. I’m no lawyer and nor am I a paralegal but that sounds like the judge might want to recalculate a few things and possibly award Ms. Lastonia Leviston more money. I could think of a bunch of things Fifty could be doing with his money but I digress. El Chapo has never had a photograph of him with money. I hear you out there, “we’re kings and queens we deserve to enjoy or spoils”. If you were truly a king or a queen worldly possessions and money wouldn’t faze you if you reign over an entire kingdom. Biggie Smalls wasn’t joking, more money equates to more problems. My mama always said people with bigger houses and cars have bigger bills. Bobby Shmurda’s court date got pushed back again and now that young man has to sit in jail even longer. Fifty could reach out but he’s too busy stunting for us on the gram. Yes, 50 Cent is on Instagram stunting for people who barely making ends meet or don’t work at all while the rest of us are at work slaving away making someone else’s dreams come true.

Lil Wayne and Baby seemed to have buried the hatchet but is the money right? Don’t create financial problems that you don’t need. Don’t get that pay-day loan and don’t sign the title of your car over to a company for a few hundred dollars. I know it’s tax season but why buy a $1200 flat screen for a trap house. I know you want to “live good” but living good isn’t wasting and blowing your own money. Why do you think Kanye is asking for money? He isn’t broke, any business minded person knows that you borrow money and pay it back if your ideas are successful. If I had spent $53 million on my own dreams and aspirations I’d be very content. Nobody will believe in you more than you. Sometimes financial success means paying back your student loans even if you didn’t get your degree.

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