Murder Was the Case

This week Rapper T.I. was scheduled to perform in Union Square at Irving Plaza. Also on the bill were Maino and Uncle Murda as well as Troy Ave and others. If you haven’t heard about the may lay that happened there will be plenty of links throughout this blog post so you can be up to speed. Long story short fighting ensued which resulted in gun shots being fired several times inside a green room at the Manhattan venue as frightened fans began running for their lives. This actually reminds me of all the house parties I went to when I was in high school (The house parties in middle school didn’t get shot up). There was always that one song that caused people’s adrenaline to rush and open the flood gates of ignorant violence. Anyway, three men and one woman were struck by the firestorm and one man lost his life. Ronald McPhatter was killed by a gunshot wound while working as security for Troy Ave during the event. Now if you haven’t read our blog, Words Cut Deep, please do so you can understand the irony that he is experiencing right now.

Troy Ave is currently being charged with attempted murder after video surveillance from Irving Plaza surfaced of Troy Ave actually firing a gun inside the venue. Apparently Troy shot himself in the leg at one point but if the victim was working as his security it is believable that he only shot the firearm in self-defense. As a security guard I’m sure Troy and Ronald McPhatter shared some level of friendship so if your man gets hit your first reaction is to redeem them and protect yourself and the rest of your crew. Newsflash to Troy Ave: YOU ARE A PUBLIC FIGURE, THIS AIN’T THE STREETS! The line that separates Rap music and the streets has always been thin and can be moved depending upon the situation but in this one, I think things were pretty clear. There may be media outlets that may run stories about a “beef” between Maino and Troy Ave which is not true according to a recent Instagram post on Maino’s account. The media doesn’t know how to report on Rap and Hip Hop so they have to create a storyline for clickbait. This is evidenced by the fact that even though T.I. was not involved in any manner nor was he on stage at the time of the shootings and several news outlets gave their readers a rundown of T.I.’s criminal history.

It is needless to say that the victim, Ronald McPhatter’s mother is upset at Troy Ave. She insinuates that Troy is responsible simply because he did not call her to offer his condolences. Troy couldn’t have contacted her or the family while he was in the process of being arrested. Once the ballistics test comes back we will know how many and what type of guns were fired inside of Irving Plaza. However, since Troy Ave or Roland Collins, is literally the only one being seen on video clear as day shooting a pistol inside of the venue he will face other charges if he doesn’t stand trial for the attempted murder charge. Troy Ave has been getting the business on social media from Pro Era fans. Troy Ave is only thirty years old and claims to be the number one independent Rapper in New York. Well Troy you should know that most Rappers pay other people to carry their firearms for them to avoid incidents like this. Now you may go down for a stupid gun charge; something you said you’d never do. Troy Ave, you are a young Black man from Brownsville. You are a Rapper and there is video of you firing a gun inside of a crowded indoor venue where someone was killed. Troy Ave, since you like counting album sales so much do the math on that one.