Music In the Microwave

One hit wonders and “disposable” music are synonymous terms or at least terms that overlap in some form or fashion. Is a one-hit wonder better than a disposable artist? Is disposable music a good thing? The short answer is, no. One hit wonders were a thing pre-Napster and it usually involved a label-made artist or an industry plant who the label thought was going to be a solid artist but it turns out they were a dud. Sometimes a one hit wonder is an artist who the label thought would be more successful than they actually were. It’s hard to gauge whether or not an artist will have longevity unless they are a real artist. A rapper who is following a trend is not an artist as an artist sets the trend. A rapper who is moving within the culture is not the same as an artist who is moving the culture. Don’t get me wrong one-hit wonders have moved the culture but after the hit has climaxed nothing else matters and the artist struggles to secure their next hit resulting in their fall from grace.

So does disposable or microwavable music describe how long the song lasts with the fans or does it refer to how quick the song is made? For some artists it takes months to make a full length project so you can just imagine how long the songs themselves take before they’re completely finished. I know real artist have to be frustrated with the constant releasing of “music” by the less astute rappers. On the other hand the true talent knows that their career will be longer, their music will reach more people, and it’ll be around for generations to come. If microwavable food isn’t good for you why would microwavable music be good for you? Your food is supposed to come from a farm but it comes from a factory and goes through a process. The same goes for the music that these people create to “entertain” us.

We listen to music made in the microwave when we are getting ready to go out with friends, sporting events, and places where we want to be excited! That’s when we need that energy. However, when it’s time to think critically, understand, and learn we listen to what I’m going to call “forever music”. Music that’ll last forever and stand the test of time isn’t made in the microwave. If you leave your food in the microwave too long what happens? It’s always easiest to make a meal in the microwave if you don’t know how to cook. Using the microwave is great when you’re starving but after you’ve eaten that quick snack, you need to cook a real meal in the kitchen.

“How you douchebags feel knowin’ you’re disposable?” – Eminem (Won’t Back Down)

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