New Music

The Society is all about the culture and the music. There is a lot of music that the radio doesn’t play so this is just some of what’s out there, Follow us on SOUNDCLOUD!


Kendrick Lamar is on some type of mission but it won’t be clear until after he’s done. This is an example of how to be yourself on any instrumental.


Snoop Dogg dropped an album titled, Neva Left. Snoop is right he never left but to be honest was he really here?


Vince Staples released Big Fish and continues to represent the young West Coast. You can here it in his music and delivery. There’s nothing wrong with doing music that sounds like where your from.


Brother Ali’s latest album, All The Beauty In This Whole Life, finds Ali on his travels across the globe as he shares his experiences through rhyme.


Logic’s is catching a lot of ears with his new album, Everybody. This is supposed to be the emcee’s second to last album but with the waves this project is catching it may not be.


CZARFACE!!! The duo is back with the album, First Weapon Drawn. The album even comes with a book!! Reading is fundamental Hip Hop Heads!


Wale is back and is giving us new life with the album, SHINE. I’m glad to hear Wale back on the mic as he is one of the underestimated emcees in today’s Rap music landscape.


Nef the Pharaoh released his new album, The Chang Project. Nef is a young Rapper who has been around for some time and we owe it to ourselves to give him our ears.


Kill Jill belongs to Big Boi and features Killer Mike and Jeezy. The Atliens are lending their skills to the OG and this is indeed a dope collaboration!


Nappy Roots released Another 40 Akerz as a follow up to The 40 Akerz Project in 2015. The last album was really dope so I expect this album to be just as dope if not more.


DAMN! Kendrick kept Hip Hop hostage waiting for his latest album. The project does not include The Heart Part IV but HUMBLE did make the cut.


When two legendary emcees come together for the sake of Hip Hop it is our duty to out the word out! Talib Kweli and Styles P released a joint project titled The Seven and this collab is a must for your collection.


Freddie Gibbs released his third studio album, You Only Live 2wice. Freddie has been around for a while now and he deserves our attention.


Raekwon’s project, The Wild, is another consistent project from the Wu Chef. If we don’t support our legends no one else will.


Starlito and Don Trip released Step Brothers Three. Collaborative efforts are always good when two solid emcees come together and these two have found their niche.