New Year New Hip Hop

This is our last discussion for 2017 Hip Hop heads. As we wait for Skillz to drop the “rap up” we look back at 2017 and what we missed, what we loved, and what we learned. Every year people try to make resolutions and you start to see posts with the caption “new year new me” from people that you know aren’t going to do anything different for the next 365 days. For the last few years there has been a back and forth between the young and the not so young folks about the importance of words and lyrics within the music. The best thing that came out of the arguments and discussions are the rhymes. The discussion opened up doors for emcees new and old. Even though we as the older Rap fans have been hollering and screaming at the young people I think they got the message.

Our young people finally realize why it is important to actually speak when you have the attention of the audience. They understand that there is a difference between Rap music and Hip Hop Culture. Young people now understand that this “trap” music is disposable. They don’t purchase the music, they’re only streaming it. They purchase the J. Cole, the Kendrick, and the Vince Staples projects. We may not think they’re listening but they are. I haven’t heard many Rappers mention molly, percocet, or lean in a while. Unless I’m not listening hard enough which could quite possibly be the case. Drug culture is fading away but what will take its place? Drug culture has always been a part of Rap music but the type of drug makes a difference. Are we selling the drugs or are we using them? Are you all going back to crack or cocaine or is medical marijuana going to be the drug of choice?

Will the music reflect the political climate? Will we continue to allow the culture to be used against us? If it’s really going to be a new year I need Hip Hop to do some things it’s never done before. Or maybe recycle what’s been done and get back to the basics. What major moves will be made in 2018? What contributions will you make to the culture?

“My New Year’s resolution is to stop all the pollution.” – Kendrick Lamar (Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe)

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