Not Bad Meaning Good But Bad Meaning Bad

There are so many issues on the table this week so in this blog I am going to attempt to connect all the dots in one piece. I’m going to start off with the less important news and bring it home with the heavier topics. So, Lil Wayne and Birdman are finally on good terms with each other again. If you’ve watched these since the beginnings of Cash Money Records than you knew eventually this would be resolved. The feud was a lot more public this time and so was the reconciliation. The significance of this reunion isn’t as big as the reasons why the two had turmoil in the first place. I’m glad they were able to hash things out but was the issue resolved completely or temporarily? Did Birdman pay him what he owed Wayne or did Baby smooth talk his way around the issue? Lil Wayne has been through this more than once before and still didn’t receive everything he was should have. I just hope he’s learned his lesson. I hope that Wayne is only playing nice so that Birdman will greenlight The Carter 5 album so that Wayne can finally sign with another label or possibly go independent with only a distribution deal. How bad would that be?!

The friction between Birdman and Wayne differs from the friction between Meek Mill and 50 Cent in that these two don’t have such a long history. This back and forth of memes between the two and their camps is all bad. For 50 Cent it seems like the only way he can keep us talking is to have a problem with someone and now with the presence of social media 50 is turning himself into a caricature almost. The big bad New York rapper who’s going to ruin your career with jokes instead of music, millennials aren’t as serious about the rhymes as we once were which is actually bad meaning bad. However, I am glad that Meek took a moment to shine some of this negative lite on Flint, MI and the water crisis. Now that was bad meaning good! He challenged 50 Cent to donate money for water and the result was more memes from 50. Poor neighborhoods in Flint, MI have been reduced to the same status as the third world countries that rich white folks adopt from. That makes it look like Hip Hop doesn’t care about our own problems. When Paris was attacked my timelines had so many vertical red, white, and blue stripes I thought I was in a government class. I heard the sales for Effen vodka were up though. I told you it was bad.

What is really bad is the controversy surrounding the Oscars. So you mean to tell me that we focused too much on the Grammy’s not awarding those artists that deserve to be recognized that we forgot that the white people in the film industry have been doing the same thing? This situation is bad all around. No, Chiraq was not a good movie and probably didn’t deserve a nomination. Yes, Michael B. Jordan deserved an Oscar for his work in Fruitvale Station which is why they nominated Sylvester Stallone for his work in the movie Creed alongside Michael. Yes, Taraji only won a Golden Globe for her work as Cookie a drug-dealer who did time in prison away from her family. Now do you see why the film industry makes Black men in American film feel like they have to cross-dress in order to crossover? Leonardo DiCaprio likes Rihanna and seems to like Black women in general; is that why he’s never won an Oscar? That’s too bad. Sorry Mrs. Pinkett-Smith but you cannot tell people to boycott the Oscars if you aren’t going to call for those same people to attend and watch the NAACP Image Awards, The Stellar Awards, The Soul Train Awards, or The BET Awards. (Yes, Ms. Dash we need these shows) Why are you still looking to these prejudice institutions to award you for being better than them? Why wouldn’t you go to a place where you’re appreciated and respected for your work amongst your TRUE peers!? Now how bad is that?

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