Not Up For Debate

Last night was another night of “debating” between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. I’m not sure if Donald knows what a debate is despite having done a few at this point. Hip Hop Heads, the deadline to register to vote is October 17th, 2016 and it is pertinent that everyone make it to the polls on November 4th, 2016. If you need to vote absentee because you will be at work please do so as soon as possible. Absentee voting in some states has already begun. In Hip Hop we debate all the time about who the greatest emcee and/or dee jay is and I know any one of us would be better than Trump. Debating requires a person to bring facts, not opinion, lies, and rhetoric. When you debate in the barber shop or the salon you reference specific lines and verses where that emcee showed you that she or he was not a joke on the microphone.

Hip Hop/Rap music is kind of mirroring the United States in that the core of everything it stands for has become a hustle and a joke resulting in sequestrations and mumble rap. Both are a shell of themselves and the executives with the big bucks make the big decisions and drive the politics and the culture wherever they want to go. Money ruined politics and Rap music. Voting is crucial this year as it always is, not only when a Black man is running for office. I actually resent that comment, if people voted for Barack Obama simply because he was Black where are they when Black women and men run for local office? It’s the money, there is more money involved in presidential races so candidates have the ability to utilize television, radio, and other media to get their name, face, and message out. Local offices don’t get the same level of funding. There is more money involved when an artist signs to a major deal rather than go independent. The difference between a Drake and a Vic Mensa or even a Joey BadA$$.

I repeat we cannot afford to sit at home and not vote. They are counting on you not to vote. Trump can win as long as we don’t vote. So imagine what politics would look like if he was the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America. Look, it’s not up for debate people we all have to get out there and do our part and no I don’t want you to write in Eric B. on your ballot. California, you have a little something special on your ballot this year too. Other states may or may not also have something else to vote on listed on their ballot as well. You have to know what laws are being passed in your state. You can even get paid a little change for working the polls on Election Day. You don’t have to declare a party to be active in politics. Just make sure you have the proper I.D. as there were a lot of changes made since Obama won his first presidential race. They want to continue to disenfranchise you, and that should never be up for debate.

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