Once a Jerk, Always a Jerk

This week Martin Shkreli was on The Breakfast Club’s morning show. If you don’t know Shkreli is the pharmaceutical millionaire who paid 2 million dollars for the WuTang Clan’s album, Once Upon A Time in Shaolin and as of recently he’s been going back and forth with Ghostface Killah after TMZ asked GFK what he thought of Shkreli’s recent price increase of medications commonly used for AIDS and Cancer treatments from about $13 to about $750. I was surprised that the Breakfast Club would have him on their show but with the way things have been going between Shkreli and Ghostface I wanted to hear his point of view and wanted to figure out his thought process. As someone with a background in psychology and mental health I was just interested in his mental state. The interview was good I give props to Envy, Angela, and Charlamagne for being honest. Especially Charlemagne, he knows how to say certain things as the devil’s advocate on the show but this time the person being interviewed was disrespecting one of his favorite emcees of all time in GFK. As fan of the Ironman, I just knew Charlemagne would stand up for all of us Ghostface fans!

Throughout the interview Charlemagne confronted him about being disrespectful towards the legendary lyricist but Shkreli was talking tough as if he was from the streets! Shkreli declared it “open season” and that he would not contact the police if Ghost were to show up at the Power 105’s studio to “smack” Shkreli after he dared him to do so. Granted Shkreli had the same humble beginnings as all of us but his white privilege got in the way and he ended up becoming a millionaire. Shkreli name dropped Brooklyn so many times in the interview I thought Mary J. Blige was going to come into the room and spit a rhyme. Then the key words I was listening for were verbalized. Shkreli admitted that he had always been a “douche”, even before he was rich or infamous. Do you see where I’m going? Shkreli said that he felt “disrespected”, hurt, when Ghostface called him something that I’m not going to retype since young people may be reading this. So Shkreli decided to engage Ghostface Killah via TMZ and YouTube in a type of back-and-forth; “It’s a man thing”, Shkreli stated in the interview.

Once a loser, always a loser. Shkreli was always a jerk and money only magnifies his personality. Just like a lot of Rappers in the game. Money changes no one; it only multiplies what you already are. If a person or a Rapper doesn’t want to change their message we can’t make them, they have to want the change it for themselves. If all you cared about was money when you were poor or unknown and you get a large amount of money then that’s probably all you’ll care about. If you were clueless to social issues and politics, then you will still be clueless on those issues if you become wealthy. For instance, Talib Kweli is probably the same person now that he was when he attended NYU. I’m sure he had some level of sociopolitical awareness and it shows through his music. Chief Keef’s latest stunt is a prime example. Migos might’ve been the guys you see on the corner doing nothing but smoking, drinking, and clubbing all day because it shows through their music. If any of us are willing to open our minds and change then that will also reflect in the music. These are some trying times and if we want Hip Hop/Rap to return to what it was meant to be than we can’t be the same people we used to be.

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