Emerging Trends

Emerging & Current Trends in Online Learning

Graduation is one of the most important milestones in a student’s life. Being able to celebrate and commemorate such a milestone is a once in a lifetime occasion. Colleges and universities that offer students the ability to attend a commencement ceremony and walk across the stage to accept their diploma is what determines where they matriculate. Today there are many ways a student can have that moment without feeling like they have compromised an important moment in their life. Streaming ceremonies, live webinars, pre-recorded videos, and even graduations in multiple locations are new trends that colleges and universities have adopted for their distance learners. 

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As gaming becomes more popular colleges and universities are creating teams of student gamers. Since gaming is not an official major at most colleges and universities, a curriculum will need to be created for those students who are interested. In a 2018 study completed by Bovermann, Weidlich, and Bastiaens they found a “significant positive correlation was also found between self-reported attitudes towards gaming and the dimension of coping of study-satisfaction.” In addition, “some students reported autonomous motivation, despite having expressed a rather dismissive attitude towards playing online and computer games in general.” (Bovermann, Weidlich, and Bastiaens 2018)

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