Peace Be With You

The death of emcee and Bad Boy Records legend, Craig Mack shook the culture a couple of weeks ago. Death is inevitable in life and Hip Hop is no exception. I’m not going to go into the history made Mr. Mack but I am going to discuss the struggle that some people go through trying to remain morally intact after seeing and participating in so much “sin.” I use the term sin loosely because sin is based in religion but sin in this case is a morally subjective concept that influences our decision making. Craig Mack joined the Overcomer Ministry like many of his lablemates at Bad Boy Records he turned to religion after having major “success” in the Hip Hop industry. I also use the term success loosely because success is also a subjective term based on your life choices. I don’t think the reason that artists turn to religion is the fault of Bad Boy Records or Sean Combs. No Malice formerly of The Clipse wasn’t signed to Bad Boy Records and he left the industry because his job as a Rapper was conflicting with his morals and integrity.

Most rappers come into the industry as a young men and women so as these young men and women grow up they see the world differently. Whether you’re in the limelight or not you tend to reduce your risk taking behaviors such as drinking and smoking as you get older. You don’t have the same desires anymore and once you’ve ridden the rollercoaster so many times how many more times can a person be thrilled? What if you’re on the rollercoaster when it malfunctions? That is what usually happens? The success of the artist becoming stagnate is not necessarily the cause for an artist to have a “spiritual awakening.” Some artists struggle with their morality on a regular basis. Some simply wake up one day and decide they want to live their lives free of “corruption.” There are some who have their moral compass tested and either they accept or decline and some don’t even realize that they are in this type of situation until it’s too late.

If there are Rappers from the early nineties that have joined the church to “balance their karma” then only time will tell which one of today’s Rappers will go through the same “spiritual awakening.” The music industry is more corrupt and has more smoke and mirrors than previous decades so imagine the moral dilemmas they are experiencing. Being around people who don’t care about your well-being and only your bottom line should let you know that they don’t have any integrity or morals. Money isn’t the root of all evil; sometimes it’s ego.

“I hope the subject don’t turn ya away. But the whole Hip-Hop generation need to pray.” – Craig Mack (When God Comes)

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