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Plant Based Hip Hop

I was doing some reading over the weekend and I came across the term “industry plant”. This isn’t an unfamiliar phenomena but the term is somewhat new to me. The term industry plant is known as an artist who has a label pushing them yet presenting themselves as if they’re independent and gaining more popularity based on their own merits. I have a perfect example in Donald Trump and a lot of other politicians. A lot of politicians like to act as if they are “self-made” and that they “pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps” when in actuality their parents, a family friend, a bank, or a constituent gave or loaned them the million or two they needed to get their business off of the ground. In the poor Brown and Black communities loaning let alone giving someone $50.00 is thought to be a lot especially when you don’t have it to spare.

In this time of genetically modified foods you have to watch out for genetically modified rappers. I can guarantee you all this much most real emcees and lyricists aren’t industry plants. An emcee and a lyricist can rest on their laurels rather than rely on the label to do the work their rhymes can do. Just like the food we eat, the music we consume has an overall effect on our brain. There are fake “plants” that the food industry wants you to eat i.e. iceberg and romaine lettuce. They tell you how important it is to eat your greens all the while he greens are for lack of a better phrase, killing you. The industry plant may not rhyme about drug use or promiscuity but rapping about money and selling drugs isn’t that good for you either. It may be hard to identify industry plants as there is no nutrition label and a parental advisory label isn’t as detailed as it could or should be. On a nutrition label it is suggested to only purchase products with ingredients that you can pronounce but everyone isn’t on the same reading level. A lot of us can read food labels that list trisodium phosphate but that doesn’t mean we want cleaning product in our food no matter how “little” the FDA claims is in your cereal.

I don’t want my music dropping small portions of ignorance or stupidity into my thought processes. Think of the record labels as Monsanto. Nobody wants corn or any other food product from this company because GMO foods are cancerous and carcinogenic. So if you don’t want ignorance to become an epidemic in your household then you need to change your diet. People die from ignorance everyday b. Don’t let that be you, your kids, or your crew fall victim to the façade. The only way for these companies to make money is to keep their consumers sick both physically and mentally. The record labels like the food industry just want to get your hard earned money and just like the food industry the record label thrives off of the consumer being ignorant and apathetic. They focus their resources on consumers between the ages of seventeen to twenty-seven. Consumers in that age range are focused on a lot of surface issues nothing deeper than what they can see immediately. Social media might be the incubator for this types of “wildlife” I just hope you have a green thumb.

“Fake rap, take it back.” –Logic (I’m Gone)