Pressure Busts Pipes

The weekend was so busy I could barely comb through it all. I’m not going to rehash everything that happened but let’s start off with the death of Mac Miller. Twenty six years old is young and drugs will shorten your life no matter what your vice is. Today’s Rap drug culture is a bit bolder so if your favorite artists overdoses on any kind of drug it may not have been on purpose. A lot of these young artists whom we think have everything together because we never hear anything bad about them in the media self-medicate with drugs and it’s just part of the job or the image they have to maintain for the sake of their career. Sometimes you get some bad drugs and you never know until you take them and by then you’re being mourned on social media. There is a lot of pressure that comes with being an artist that a lot of us don’t think about. The anxiety and stress that come with the job of being a character twenty-four hours a day can drive some to drugs or physical altercations.

There was a time in Rap music when fights happened on the regular but if you weren’t the press or had ties to someone at a label you’d never know. These days Rappers are getting into street fights at the most inopportune time…where cameras, press, and phones were prevalent. If someone has to stoop to elementary school levels of verbiage to try and take you down then your success is already speaking for you. When we’re entering into a new lifestyle, a new job, or experiencing a new culture we are sometimes just so happy to simply be there and basking in it all we let things go and we maneuver a certain way as to not disrupt the status quo but once we’ve learned the ropes we begin to adapt our style of doing things to our new way of living. One thing that will remain constant in all of this is how to cope with the pressure of adjusting to your new lifestyle.

Will you revert back to old habits or will you have adapted some of those lifestyle changes we just talked about? When things don’t go your way are you going to have a tantrum online for the world to see? Pressure can come when you music isn’t getting the praise you’re used to it getting or you say the wrong thing in a rhyme and you have to call your publicist. If that doesn’t work and they don’t accept your apology but they go and patch it up with another major artist ignoring you in the process. It’s hard not to fall victim to peer pressure in high school so imagine what comes with the pressure of being a Rap artist. It may sound good and it for sure looks good but in the end will it feel good?

“Pressure bust pipes but it still make diamonds.” – Styles P (Nine Point Five)

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