Problems of the World Today

Now that Donald Trump is the president of the company we call The United States of America he made history on Friday when he broke the record for most executive orders and presidential memoranda signed during a president’s first week in office. The “Muslim-ban” set off a firestorm of protest all over the U.S. at international airports but for those that don’t know his constituents don’t allow him to watch too much television as to not upset him and his Twitterfingers. If former President Barack Obama was a figurehead for the government in order to mislead Black Americans than who do you think Trump was put in place to sucker? The Republicans suckered white America into voting for their own bobble head and now he is signing whatever they put in front of him. I distinctly remember a lot of people in the Hip Hop community saying the music will get better during the next four years because the country will be under but last time I checked we’ve been under duress for the last three or four hundred years.

The Rappers who mumble will continue to mumble and the emcees that rhyme about politics, social issues, and the like will continue to do so. A lot of those we look up to in the Rap game are not the same ones we should be looking to in times of duress! As Black and Brown people duress is in our genes and runs through our veins. Trump being the President should not be the only reason artists feel like they need to take on a more political stance. I know I’ve used T.I. as an example in a lot of posts recently but he is the only example of a current artist evolving in the public eye into a more politically active and aware space. Muslims are not able to come back home or even come visit the U.S. but I have not heard a song, a verse, a hook, or a bar from any Muslim rappers. Do you know that Islam is a religion and that anyone of any skin color can be a Muslim? I don’t think Trump does. So if DJ Khaled, Dave East, or French Montana left the United States would they be allowed to return? If Mos Def, Q Tip, Freeway, or Rakim left the country would they be allowed to return?

Brother Ali, Lupe Fiasco, Busta Rhymes, Beanie Sigel, and the other more popular Muslim emcees have been effected by this executive order. Did you also notice something about all of emcees that were mentioned? They all can rap bars around the globe! The one thing they all have in common is the knowledge. Not all Muslims have knowledge of self and not everyone who has knowledge of self is a Muslim but there is a correlation between the two variables. A longstanding problem with the music industry is that people give their word when it means absolutely nothing. People make promises and fail to deliver on those promises and it’s expected; that’s industry politics. If the industry is mimicking politics here in this country…I’ll let you think about that one. I just hope that we get the Hip Hop we deserve. Black lives matter, Muslim lives matter, and Hip Hop lives do too.