P*ss Poor Performances

Before I start this piece I would like everyone to go out and do something to help those effected by Hurricane Harvey. Send some supplies, food, and water to those effected via a reliable source outside of the Red Cross and other major corporations to ensure that the people who need help actually get help.

Last night MTV held their annual Video Music Awards show hosted by pop culture troll Katy Perry. The show opened up with an epic performance from Kendrick Lamar. The show also featured a performance from Logic who used his platform to focus on mental health an issue that is brushed under the rug in the same society that lay claim to the behavioral science. These two emcees have taken 2017 by storm by staying true to themselves. These two artists gave us a snippet of what their concerts are like. These two artists can repeat the same performance ten or twenty years from now and not miss a beat. The performances weren’t for media likes and clicks it was to send a message. There was no gimmick involved just rhymes and talent.

The new wave at Rap shows is to stage dive, mosh, or whatever you can do to create a media firestorm. Similar to what Young Thug does with the way he dresses. It’s like trolling but its more attention seeking behavior. A lot of the younger Rappers that you see or hear about doing the outlandish things probably have had bouts with depression or anxiety. We don’t want to go to a show and watch our favorite Rappers die. When Redman and Method Man stage dive they aren’t sacrificing their bodies they are engaging with trusted fans who they know won’t drop them, maim them, or harm them in any way. When Rappers like XXXtentacion is jumping off of scaffolds and lighting set ups that’s an issue. When Rappers are getting punched on stage at their own show that’s dangerous and stupid. I remember when Steve Harvey criticized Rappers years ago in the film “Kings of Comedy” for running around and being out of shape trying to perform. We’ve gone from having no stage show or stage presence to a live taping of MTV’s Jackass.

Why do you think there were only two Hip Hop performances last night? MTV is not taking responsibility for any deaths or physical injuries. Imagine how much insurance the young Rappers pay to cover their antics. Some probably won’t get any coverage thus becoming unable to tour and in today’s Rap scene touring is everything. Do not pay for these piss poor performances. I’m sorry to use such bad language but that’s simply what it is. Too many drugs and too much alcohol so all you can think of is self-deprecating behaviors. These attempts to harm oneself are cries for attention and cries for help. I hope that some of them saw Logic’s performance and called the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

“I transform like this, perform like this.” -Kendrick Lamar (D.N.A.)

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