Rap Antics 2

When you’re a baby you cry to get some attention and to have your needs met. When you’re a child you may still cry or you may behave a certain way in order to garner some type of attention. As a young adult you learn various ways to get people’s attention. It could be through hard work, your sexuality, talent, or some type of skill. In Hip Hop and Rap music the best way to get someone’s attention is through your rhymes, your skills, your bars; well that’s what it used to be anyway. In 2017 all you need is a social media stunt or a piss poor performance and you’ve got some attention! Be it good attention or bad attention as long as you get the clicks. “Internet manipulation” is the résumé title for internet troll.  Internet manipulation and Yung Joc is as dumb as Trump and alternative facts. First the former Atlanta Rapper got a perm for views and clicks. Now this grown man is in a prom dress Hip Hop Heads.

What better way to grab someone’s attention as a Black man in America than to wear a formal gown in a public place. What it simply boils down to is that these “artists” and labels think that they can fool consumers with their shenanigans. They think you’re dumb, bottom line and let me tell you some of us are dumb especially the young Hip Hop Heads. Young people are still figuring out the world and are learning how to ask questions and make their own choices and deduce certain situations. As adults we have already gained the wisdom to make certain choices and arrive at certain conclusions. In this country of fake news, fake Rappers, fake food, and fake people you have to ask questions and sometimes get second, third, and fourth opinions. Be careful who you “follow” on social media because you don’t want to be led by a blind man or woman.

Antics usually come right before a new project is released or dropped. 50 Cent used to “beef” with certain Rappers prior to his album releases. 50 Cent got into the game because of the people he was coming after the only difference is everything he did was on wax with crazy rhymes! Young Thug doesn’t have crazy rhymes just a crazy closet. Some people don’t get the attention they want or need when they’re younger so they revert to childlike behaviors as an adult in order to have their needs met. If we don’t give these people any attention they won’t have any choice but to spit some bars and get back to the basics. If you want to get my attention you need to Rap without the antics. If you want a short lived career with a singles deals, keep stunting on the gram homie.

“Better or worse, the center of attention. Gift and a curse, the center of attention.” –Wale (Center of Attention)

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