Rap Antics

For the last two and a half weeks Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have taken over media and minds. While SB and CB are competing with each other over who paid the most money for their gang affiliation the Republicans are taking away your child(s) healthcare. That story does not deserve all this attention and I know you all have better things to do. There’s no need to give in to the bait clicks. I bet you come this time in the month of March the entire event will be cancelled. Pay-Per-View? So you want me to waste my money purchasing this “fight”? I’d rather watch them duke it out during a special Super Bowl LI presentation of MTV’s Celebrity Death Match. That would be more interesting, to me anyway. All these views are extending Soulja Boy’s shelf-life. I’m all for young people getting legal money but at what cost? Making yourself look ridiculous? You’re both clearly on drugs and are cheating yourselves out of bigger and better bags.

Leave the antics to those that do it best Daylyt and 50 Cent. If you’ve never seen or heard of battle Rapper Daylyt type his name in the search bar on YouTube. When Rappers, athletes, and other celebs start to notice that their foot is getting closed in the doorway or that they’re literally being pushed out the door they resort to antics to keep themselves afloat. Look at Plies, when people got tired of the hood love songs they stopped listening. Plies had to redefine his lane on social media and that is how we got “sweet pwussy satday”. The antics paid off so well for Plies he even got a hit out of it with Ran Off On the Plug Twice. Soulja Boy and Chris need to cut the crap and get off of our timelines. If Chris Brown wasn’t so focused on the BS I wouldn’t have wondered why he wasn’t in the “Taking the Stage” special on ABC last night performing in the Michael Jackson tribute instead of Neyo! Antics can sometimes stop you from living up to your potential.

Do not bank on this fight happening as I’m sure there’s something more productive you could be doing. I mean sure the memes are funny but how many times can a meme be reposted before it loses its impact? DeAndre “Soulja Boy” Way needs to back out the game quietly and Christopher Maurice Brown needs to get in the studio and stop playing. This is what happens when ego, money, and drugs are involved. Antics get old too Soulja so what are you going to do when people get tired of yours? You’ve been trying to strike up a “beef” with anyone that will engage for quite some time now. Chris Brown continues to show us that it is still easy to pull him into a petty media mess. Money, fame, drugs, and sex are nothing if you don’t have an audience to stunt for.