Relationships are crucial to human functioning and development so it is almost imperative to have good relationships within the Rap music industry. Label executives have established relationships that keep them employed no matter how “bad” the industry gets hit. Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles, Steve Stoute, and Jimmy Iovine have cemented their position in the culture based off of the relationships that they have created, cultivated, and ended. Friendships and relationships are simply connections that bring two or more people together. Boogie Down Productions was a crew of kids that were connected through Hip Hop Culture and as a result multiple relationships were formed and some of them are still close friends til this day. Everybody you come in the door with won’t always be there when you make your grand exit. G-Unit, The Roots, Dipset, Three 6 Mafia, and other groups have switched members for whatever reason but the main faces stay onboard.

Relationships in the Rap industry oftentimes go sour and usually the one who’s more popular will be the one who gets to tell their story. Unless you have the money or the other person has passed away if you sour a relationship you could be blackballed, barred, cut off, blacklisted, banned, excluded, or rejected from making music, doing interviews, and other opportunities to promote your brand. The Rap industry is very conniving and notorious for breaking up friends and family to boot. When there’s money involved all the gloves seem to come off. After you’ve given this industry and the culture everything you have including your life someone you thought was your homie starts to date your widow or goes as far as marrying her. Ask Azealia Banks about industry relationships. Ask Kanye West or Sean Carter why those two fell-out.

Tekashi69 is acting as if he doesn’t want any relationships with anyone in the industry. 50 Cent only wants a relationship with certain people at a certain time as a way to advance his brand. No matter how you use them you’d be remised to believe that you don’t need any. Mr. Carter kept his close friends tight and the group of friends are all doing well. Lebron James did the same thing with his group of close friends and they are all cultivating great relationships based off of an opportunity that a friend received. I remember two great emcees who had a friendship early on but it later dissolved and as a result both emcees were killed. They were probably still maintaining relationships with people who needed to be let go. Rapport is a harmonious relationship that more people need to establish as oppose to relationships for clout or no relationships at all.

“It seems I lost my little homie, he’s a changed man.” – 2Pac (I Ain’t Mad At Cha)

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