Rappers for President!!


This week Rapper Waka Flocka announced that he would be running for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Several years ago Waka tweeted his plans to go for the Presidency and here we are in 2016 with a full blown campaign in the works. He hasn’t quite yet identified a platform to run on but if I could take a guess it’d probably be the legalization of marijuana but hey who knows what political acumen Waka has. After seeing him on CNN in light of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fiasco you can tell he’s not as _____________ as some woud think he is. How serious is he though? Are we taking him serious? If he was qualified would you vote for him? The age minimum on the highest office in the land is thirty five and Waka has about seven years before he can make a ‘serious’ run. Waka Flocka ‘running’ for President is bringing a great deal of political awareness to the Hip Hop community at this time. He’s getting attention from serious media outlets about his campaign and issues he’d focus on during his race to the White House. I applaud Waka for that but let’s get a little deeper.

If there were a Rapper that took a serious bid at the presidency who would be the nominees from our political party? Tupac is not coming back (RIP) so who do we look to in this day and time to keep their finger on the button? K. Dot? Cole? Jay Z? The first two have the words while the latter has the funds to do so. It takes millions of dollars to run for President now. That’s why you get calls asking for money. I got a political call on my cell phone just yesterday! Of course I hung up. Barack Obama wasn’t a poor black man who won the race he was a politician with guap that ran and won. He and his wife are lawyers do you really think they were living a middle class lifestyle before 2008? If a Rapper were to run for the same office I think he could have a chance given that he meets the criteria simply because Hip Hop & Rap music are just that influential. Hip Hop had a hand in getting Obama elected. When Young Jeezy wrote “My President is Black” that was an endorsement from the streets from Hip Hop! We rallied around our candidate and supported him through to the end but then we fail him by not voting in midterm elections which some might say are more important than voting for President.

We need to have a basic and better understanding of how politics work not how they’re supposed to work. Money; and with Hip Hop being a billion dollar industry we could take out any candidate that tried to step to us. We’d have the young vote and the minority vote along with some women. Some people are going to go to the polls in 2016 looking for Waka Flocka Flame on the ballot instead of Juaquin James Malphurs. Who’s fault is that? The education system, parents, or do we blame them? We could have more political IQ if Rappers put it in their music. Sneak in some knowledge something that we regular people can use in our daily lives! The mainstream music isn’t teaching us anything today. I applaud Fashawn and Cyhi the Prynce for their recent projects that brought awareness to social issues and politics in the US. You can listen to classic P.E. and get the messages for today! You can listen to old Pac, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and others to get the messages for today! History repeats itself so why not learn the history in order to avoid the repeat? If you knew better you’d do better. So if we knew politics better maybe we could politic better and make real change in the laws on the books so we can free your homie, for real this time.

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