Rapping Amor

Another one of those retail holidays is approaching this week Hip Hop Heads! St. Valentine’s Day is Wednesday and men and some women are running around trying to buy things to prove their love to their significant other. While some people are trying to figure out a way to breakup with their significant other some are just going ghost on their partner. Hip Hop gets a bad rap (pun intended) when Rap music degrades women and glorifies money and drugs. However, Hip Hop music has spawned some of the greatest love songs have been written by emcees. From Man’s “You’re All I Need” to LL Cool J’s “I Need Love” real emcees know that they need a good woman in their life to “hold them down.” Emoting through rap music has been blurred by man’s perception of what they think a woman should be. Men have expectations of women just like we have expectations of them now I don’t know how high your expectations maybe but that varies per person. Social media in this age has definitely changed society’s perception of how men and women are viewed in general.

Men logon to social media platforms and see women as fantasies and rapper’s write about what they see. Drake buys a lot of purses for women but how many relationships has he been in since he became “Drake?” A lot of his early work was about women he met in the clubs and the result is tunes like “Shut It Down.” Young rappers today are quick to get into a relationship but they don’t want to profess their love or admiration through words on wax. Maybe they don’t have the vocabulary to do so. I mean isn’t that why they rap the way they do? Despite rhyming about shooting people, selling drugs, and getting money but they were happily married. Rappers today are all about the façade and hiding your relationship is part of that.

Rapping about love is seen by some men as weak but some of the top rappers have garnered some of their greatest hits rapping about Amor. Even Migos has a couple of love songs but they aren’t ever put out as singles. In the streaming age artist have the ability to drop a single song dedicated to one of the strongest emotions known to man. Fetty Wap burst onto the scene with “Trap Queen” in 2014 and even though he was talking about selling drugs he was doing in with his wife, his queen and in some relationships this would be the bride’s song down the aisle. This Wednesday, spit some dope rhymes to your boo like a poem and see how much she loves it. Make a playlist and send it to your boo thang today so he or she can be “ready to go” by Wednesday. Do something different for your significant other, Rap will follow suit as always.

“Although I often reminisce I can’t believe that I found, a desire for true love floating around.” –LL Cool J (I Need Love)


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