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Any professional will tell you that networking is vital to your career and those relationships can come in handy as you build a career. You’re never to burn bridges and to always leave a place of business on good terms in order to maintain that relationship. You may need help with something and if you find yourself having to revisit some folks the first thing they’ll think of is how you treated people and how you spent your time while you were there. A good relationship is reciprocated by all parties involved whereas a situationship is usually beneficial for one person and is only for a limited time. Of all the stunts that celebrities have pulled off fake relationships are amongst the most popular. The love affair of Cardi B and Offset recently came to an end after Cardi made it known that she and husband Kiari “Offset” Cephas were no longer an item. After being disrespected by the Quality Control rapper numerous times with random hookups with other women Becalis is putting her foot down and recognizing her worth. That situationship spawned what some hoped would be a real relationship but alas the music industry rears its ugly head. 

Another relationship that went south was between Kanye and Drake. Mr. West had been away from social media for some time until late last week when he aired our Drake as the not so good Canadian guy he portrays himself to be. Due to some of Kanye’s more recent tweets and comments no one is taking him seriously and citing his mental health as the reason for his “Twitter fingers”. As the public we don’t see what happens behind the scenes in the industry, the phone calls that are made, or the emails that are sent. All of those things either happen between managers, accountants, or lawyers; and it is rare if those things are done by the artist themselves. Asking for clearances after a sneak diss is wack and it shows us that the one doing the dissing still can’t do what that guy can do in the studio. They both may have a team of people in the studio but Drake will never make beats like Kanye. Even those who are already in position like Ebro at Hot97 need to be mindful of how they maintain current relationships because big artists like Kodak Black don’t need radio but radio needs them.

All relationships don’t turn sour but don’t count on salvaging the ones that do. There are a multitude of ways where you can be your own promoter as long as you have access to a mobile device. Newer artists get caught in situationships that get old and subsequently want to leave after they’ve outgrown that relationship. Some people don’t like it when others end a relationship or they like to end things on their own terms. This causes artists to be pigeonholed, shelved, or dropped by a label or management company. A good relationship is hard to come by so when you do come across someone genuine make sure you respect what they’ve got going on and they’ll do the same for you. The music industry is a small place and you wouldn’t want someone showing up to your job causing an unnecessary scene making you look unprofessional or almost costing you your job. Some of us are so used to being in a toxic or unhealthy situationship that we demean or belittle anyone who makes it out in favor of a more healthy relationship…whether it be with someone else or themselves.

“’Cause relationships turn into situationships” – Meek Mill (Almost Slipped)

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