Relax and Take Notes

Since I don’t have any time to waste today I’m going to get right to it. Liner notes! Liner notes are the thank you notes inside of an album sleeve that comes with the packaging of a physical copy of a musical recording. Vinyl recordings had the liner notes on the back cover while compact discs included them inside the jewel cases. In today’s digital age we have to use a search engine to find out who wrote what, who produced which track, and to see who’s actually featured on a song. There is no reason why we can’t have digital liner notes in this day and age. Adobe PDF documents are compatible with most devices and computers so why not? Is it because your favorite Rapper isn’t writing anything? Cost could be a factor but is that even a concern at this point? There’s nothing like reading the credits and the thank you’s from a music project. The best emcees include their rhymes in the album packaging. (Pre-RapGenius)

I think having liner notes will take the air out of the head of a lot of Rappers and it would take the fire out of some of you stans also. Liner notes brings the fans and the artist back down to reality. You have to give credit when credit is due so if you’re in the studio with a ghostwriter you can’t take all the credit. I know, I know; ghostwriters don’t always get credit but they always get paid whether we know it or not. If Rappers could vote on this type of decision how many of them would want to be exposed like that? What would 21 Savage’s rhymes look like on paper? Uzi Vert? Future? Yachty? The best emcees have rhymes that will stand the test of time and ultimately become classic literature. Shakespeare was not popular at all when he was alive but we are forced by our country’s school system to know his poetry and other literary works. I don’t want my future offspring to be forced to read any of the aforementioned Rappers in any English Literature class.

Liner notes are the main reason I still purchase physical copies to this day! I want to see how creative you are as an artist. Being a real emcee requires a level of creativity that is present in everything that person does even if it’s something simple as thinking creatively. An emcee the writes her or his rhymes will welcome the chance to have someone read over their lyrics and critique them because they know their work stands on its own. You have some Rappers out here bragging about not writing their rhymes as if they’re some type of prophet. Most of them can’t read or write past an eighth grade level and so because some of those “fans” can’t read or write that well either they are all enjoying subpar Rap music as a result. If I can’t learn something or walk away with a thought provoking message than why am I listening to your music? I know you want to relax but when are you going to realize that good Rap music requires work? Relax and take notes.

“I’ll be damned if I ever let a Fisher-Price MC hang
their rhymes are toy, nothing but yin-yang.” – Big Daddy Kane