Respond Accordingly

As Hip Hop History Month continues this November is the 2016 Presidential Election! Depending on when you read this I hope you make/made the right choice at the polls and I hope the more qualified candidate wins! This is the time where a good soundtrack is needed in order to keep the memories of racism, discrimination, and modern day slavery fresh on our minds when we enter our respective polling places. Common released a great project, Black America Again, and I am still championing for T.I. and his Us or Else project. The Atlanta emcee has become somewhat of a voice in the Hip Hop community speaking on the issues that are currently plaguing our society. T.I. is a respected emcee in the game who we know for a fact comes from a street lifestyle that he has since left behind to pursue his career in Hip Hop music. Mr. Harris’ street credibility affords him what a lot of Rappers don’t have, a respected point of view.

A person can’t G-check someone else if they don’t have the experience or the knowledge of the circumstances or the person they are attempting to hold accountable. T.I. would not be able to hold Lil Wayne accountable for his ignorance about the Black Lives Matters movement if he was not on the same level as Wayne, had a similar upbringing, or had he not been knowledgeable about the movement himself. Simply out, you can’t be all up in the Kool-Aid if you don’t know the flavor. However, in a recent Nightline interview someone tried to pour Lil Wayne a cup of that Kool-Aid with the assumption that Wayne likes Kool-Aid when in reality he hasn’t a clue as to what it is. I was not going to write about the Lil Wayne interview at all but I feel like T.I. is being responsible by holding his peer accountable for his irresponsible words and actions. Tip is keeping it one hundred by basically telling Lil Wayne that they may not be able to continue a friendship if this level of ignorance continues.

How many people would you unfriend for morals and values? In Lil Wayne’s defense as a mental health professional there are many signs that lead me to believe that Dwayne Carter is suffering in a depressive mind state and self-isolation is a main factor. It’s obvious he self-isolates because he doesn’t know what Black Lives Matters is! I know he still comes out and does shows but how often does he perform sober? Hip Hop hasn’t responded to adversity since Napster arrived in the early 2000s. So how will we respond at the polls during this election? If Kanye West were to really run for President of the United States how would the Hip Hop Caucus respond? If Donald Trump actually wins the election how will we respond? Everyone can’t go to Canada. You can’t even get a passport if you owe child support, so what country are you moving to again? Hip Hop can no longer abuse substances because it is hindering us and we can’t respond accordingly. That’s a depressive mind state as well. Maybe that’s why we can’t respond, because we’re so “high”. Even if the devil used all the drugs available he’d never be the Most High, so respond accordingly.