Good morning my good folks! If it’s not one thing it’s another. After all of our hard work we are reaping the benefits! This country is finally taking down statues and monuments that have driven a wedge between Pan-African Americans and white folks. Having to look at those eye sores everyday as a resident of Virginia was saddening but I’m glad something is actually being done. Now if we could just change the name of the hundreds of roadways named after these men and let’s not forget the cities, townships, and counties that are also named after these men. What about the schools named after these men where our children are supposed to be learning? I wonder what the Native Americans are thinking about the changes. How do the Mexicans feel about California and pretty much the entire west coast? Removing the statues will not change our history but it will make Pan-African Americans feel a little more comfortable walking the streets in the country our ancestors built. Somehow I feel like this is still the short end of the stick. This is change but we need change ona larger scale. We need policy change and clearly a lot of white folks still have to change their attitude.

Sean Combs has been very active on Twitter with his recent tweets promoting “Black Excellence” with positive messages and images using the hashtag #WeAreKingsAndQueens Sometimes within Hip Hop Culture we sell ourselves short. There could be more going on in the actual community verses the online community. Yes we need those positive images and inspiring words but when some people walk out of their home and don’t have their faces buried in their phones all they see is hopelessness and despair. We cannot expect them to eradicate the mess they created; if we could then this country and the world wouldn’t have the problems we have today. We have a part in this also. We have to stop being willing to be taken advantage of. Kodak Black turned down Master P’s help when the No Limit soldier tried to tell him he may be being exploited by his manager and his accountant. (And Kodak has the nerve to call himself a Black Israelite) Why do you think J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar move in silence only making appearances when they’re doing work in the community? You’ve seen them at a few sporting events but nothing outlandish.

I think a lot of artists are going to be more cognizant of what they say and the types of songs they write or have written for them. However it does not help us when you release a positive song and then get arrested several weeks later like Meek Mill. Instead of people trying to hold Chance the Rapper accountable for whether or not he’s really an independent artist maybe those same people will hold themselves accountable for the way they use their platform within the culture. If an olive branch is extended there’s nothing wrong with taking it. We need to help ourselves by helping each other. We cannot wait for someone else to speak on our behalf. That is why Hip Hop Culture is ours; because we are using our voice to speak out on our own behalf. Wehave our own voices and we need to use it to bring forth change. The revolution has been happening for quite some time now but will the culture revolt?

“Revolution is nothing but change.” -The Last Poets (N*****s Are Scared of Revolution

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