Secrets in the Future

To be in the music business an artist has to share themselves with their fans. They have to tweet, post on Instagram and Facebook, as well as maintain a YouTube page of some sort. Before the tech takeover it was hard for fans to learn anything about their favorite entertainers. You had to do your due diligence and read every magazine and watch every radio and television interview as it aired. Artists were able to pull the wool over the eyes of the fans and present themselves as someone they aren’t. Despite originality reigning supreme back then pretending to be a gangster, a hustler, or just about anything you aren’t was subject to testing. Today the executives and the labels have learned over time how to adjust to the technology and have since improved their smoke and mirror techniques. Perpetuating the drug abuser lifestyle while being “drug free” in your personal life is the “new wave” and that’s just scratching the surface.

A lot of “secrets” being held on to by your favorite artists is more ignorance than anything else. They can’t tell you anything they don’t know. Simple as that. They don’t really know how much money they’re making. They don’t really know if they’re independent or not. They don’t really know anything about the business side of things. Now of course this isn’t every artists but we’ll find out in the future. Once this generation grows up and realizes how much mainstream trash they’ve been subjected to they will figure out who was being sincere and who was a fraud. After the smoke and other drugs clear the minds of the current youth they will come to their senses but by then a whole new generation will have taken over the game. Only a few of today’s artists will still be relevant and they will be the ones to reveal a lot of what goes on behind the scenes today.

All of your questions will be answered in the future. All of your hunches and guesses will be revealed at that time. Some of these young entertainers will be dead due to drug use, mental illness, or violence. We’ve already seen a few young artists die at the hand of drugs. There have been artists who’ve died as a result of medical issues brought on by drug use but there are very few rappers, producers, or executives that have died as they were doing drugs. Are more young rappers are dying at the hand of drugs or are we just celebrating the life of anyone who deems themselves as a “Rapper”? Can Lil Peep, Lil Pump, Lil Pimp, Lil Simp, or whoever call themselves a rapper and get the same treatment as a Big L once they die even though most of us have never heard a single song? In the future you’ll find out your favorites hate each other. In the future you’ll find out that your favorites never even wrote their name for a rhyme. It’s like believing in Santa Clause when you’re younger and growing up to find out your parents were buying all the gifts and letting a character take all the credit.

“Fake rappers ain’t practicing what they preaching.” –J. Cole (Show Me Something)

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