September Book Review: Learn To Draw A Graffiti Master-Piece By Graffiti Diplomacy


I was interested in this book because I want to obviously do a little graffiti. Nothing illegal just for my own personal purposes of decorating my home. Upon first glance this book is rather thick which seemed a little intimidating. I just want to brush up on my graffiti writing, I’m not taking Art History 101 again. There are six sections and thirty-nine chapters in this book as it starts off reading as if it were for elementary school students. There’s a supply list with “tools” you’ll need to practice your graffiti writing. After you’ve gathered your materials, some of which I felt weren’t necessary, you’re ready to practice writing. I will say that the entire first section is pointless if you’re familiar with drawing bubble and/or block lettering. Some of you may have drawn your name in bubble letters in middle or high school. The first section focuses mainly on those two techniques including shadowing and other ways to “enhance” your tag. Some techniques I already knew but never thought of it as writing graffiti so I kind of impressed myself. Although I hadn’t drawn anything in years I practiced what I had already known and added the suggested nuances.

After you’ve perfected your tag the book goes into how to modify your lettering. Providing step by step instructions on how to add arrows and extensions. Detailing wildstyle and giving your letters and tags energy. I do wish there were examples of different lettering styles for the reader to practice. The book goes on to discuss layouts and how to create an actual graffiti piece. The book is truly for beginners but is good for anyone wanting to better their artwork. It touches on the small details that go into writing graffiti such as connecting your letters and the movement of your words. Section 5 discusses 3-D letters and background additions. There are tips and suggestions on how to choose colors. The final section is for parents and/or educators who want to incorporate graffiti into fun at home or in the classroom with a graffiti party for children.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It’s not something that you will finish with in a few weeks but over the course of several months. If you want to really improve your artistry it will take some time and dedication. This book is definitely a guide to learning to tag, bomb, or putting together a piece. If you or a young person you know enjoys art this book would be a great gift and a positive way to hone your skills and theirs. The book is absent of color which seems to me a bit ironic. I will definitely continue to use this book over the course of time until I feel like I have perfected my craft.

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