Sit Downs

Since language began hundreds of years ago, talking out differences has brought peace amongst countries, communities, and cultures. Sitting down with an equal, an elder, or a boss can be a moment to learn, educate, understand, or listen. From Native Americans/Indigenous Peoples to American Gangsters breaking bread or a “sit down” was taken with the utmost seriousness and respected by all parties involved. A sit down is not to be taken lightly and if you are invited to one you may want to think about recent moves that you’ve been making at how they may have effected others. J. Cole sat down with Lil Pump earlier this year and Fat Joe sat down with Tekashi69 not that long ago. These men reached out to these young men to have a discussion about the direction they’re going in and how their recklessness could hurt their career and the culture.

It is clear who took their meeting seriously and who didn’t. J. Cole and Fat Joe have been where some of the younger artist today have been so they speak from experience and no matter how long ago they may have had those experiences you cannot discredit nor discount them. Even with all the backstage rumbles and festival brawls the street aspect of the industry has died down and was almost non-non-existent but we can’t take away the heavy influence gang culture has on the Rap music industry. There aren’t any radio station shootouts and executive vs artist fights like it was in the nineties. With social media being a major player in the lives of young people I’m glad that we don’t have those types of incidents anymore.

As a young person don’t take it the wrong way when an older person is trying to give you some game because in the long run their words are meant to benefit you. There is no reason that young artist should be making the same mistakes as their predecessors especially when they are being direct with you. Maybe if we take away the cameras and stop trying to film and record every moment for “content collection” purposes. Let’s start having even more personable interactions with each other. Are we as the elders in the industry doing this because we genuinely want to help or is this our way of “getting clicks” without looking thirsty? We all need to sit down and reevaluate our intentions and the consequences of our actions.

“I break bread with the late heads. Ocean their brains for angels on all the evils that the game”ll do.” – Jay Z (D’Evils)

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