Over the weekend all of the popular Rappers and personalities flew on private jets to Wyoming for Kayne West’s album listening party. The event was complete with Yeezy merch and photo ops with Mr. and Mrs. West, no Rhymefest. All of these people were the same people who claimed to have “cancelled” Kanye after his moment of psychosis on TMZ Live. If Spotify hadn’t gone back on their “hate content” policy Mr. West should’ve been up on that list with R. Kelly and XXXtentacion. Luckily Top Dawg had the wherewithal to recognize how Hip Hop would’ve been a target of the policy going forward. We talk all the time about holding artists accountable and being more responsible with the things they say and do and we have to hold the personalities accountable too. Through the power of social media and people’s unwillingness to live in the moment I saw photos of non-G.O.O.D. Music employees. I thought everybody had flown in private jets before because of that’s all Kanye had to do to get you back on his side then I’m sure he would’ve wined and dined all of them long ago.

I mean everyone that attended the party couldn’t have been a hypocrite unless they somehow knew something we didn’t. In the beginning we knew Ye was trolling but there’s only so much trolling someone with a serious mental illness can do. I’m sorry but I can’t give you credit if you don’t show me your work. It doesn’t have to be the same math but you still has to have the same results. The music industry is a part of the entertainment industry. We were clearly entertained by Infared,Duppy Freestyle, and The Story of Adidon. Then once the “entertainment” went left the OG J Prince put in that phone call and told everyone to chill out. The fans and the personalities hyped everything up but when someone who was there during the 2Pac and Biggie beef he saw what we couldn’t see. The beef was 100% which means it definitely could’ve gotten violent and we don’t want to see anyone else killed because of something someone said over an instrumental.

Drake isn’t really about “free smoke” and if J. Prince told him that a response could mess up his bottom line Drake’s going to have to live with that for the rest of his career. He’s not bringing any smoke but he’ll have to look in that mirror every day and see himself as one of the only people not to respond to a blatant diss on wax. As for the Wyoming party goers I didn’t hear anyone mention the album being this timeless classic piece of artwork. I only hear one song on social media and I don’t know the name of it or the track number because I haven’t listened to Ye the album. I’ve been listening to Black Thought’s album, Stream of Thought Vol. 1. You know why? Because there is no façade and there is no smoke or mirrors…unless you ask for it straight up. If Drake’s response is as career ending as J. Prince is saying it I want to hear it and as an emcee I think Pusha T does too, I mean if the track really exists behind all the smoke and mirrors. If I was J. Prince I might try and leverage some of this smoke for my upcoming book release.

“We in the game of smoke and mirrors.” – Joell Ortiz (Move On) 

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