Sorry Hip Hop But There Is No “illuminati”

The illuminati has been the scapegoat for success in Rap music for many years and it has since plagued Hip Hop Culture. Even 90s Hip Hop had issues with the media inciting illuminati rumors surrounding Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur music videos. Rappers such as Prodigy have written songs about ‘the group’ and countless artist have referenced it in their lyrics dating back to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. I’m here to tell you the illuminati does not exist, at least not in my mind. I always hear people say Rappers and entertainers who reach a certain level of success (mainstream) ‘sold their soul to the devil’. We’ve all heard it and a lot of you are the ones saying it. Who wants to sell their soul to the devil? My answer to that is if they sold their sold to the devil for fame and fortune than their relationship with God was never where it should’ve been. If you compromise your morals and beliefs for money that says something about you that I’m not going to say. Don’t project your thoughts and feelings onto other people you sound like a hater stop being lazy. We all have the potential to be successful are you using yours?

Stop and take a look inside yourself for a second. Why do you believe that black people cannot reach the same level of success as a white person? Essentially that’s who these rappers are being compared to rich white folks. America is built on racism and that is a thought process black people participate in unknowingly. Some rappers do actually work hard and some of them make on average about the same as a successful lawyer or doctor. However the few who have MADE it Russell Simmons, Master P, Jay Z, and Eminem are associated with the illuminati because of their financial gain. Others such as Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West are associated with the group because of their level of influence on us, the culture, the consumer. Let me make y’all understand this, Diddy topped Forbes’ 2013 Hip Hop Cash Kings List with fifty MILLION dollars while the LAST person on The Forbes 2013 List of the Richest People in the US has a net worth of 1 BILLION dollars. They are watching and counting our money but if they’re making billions compared to our millions why would they want to include us in anything they’re doing. If the illuminati is real then Rappers don’t make enough money to be associated with them! They’ve been excluding us for centuries why would they include us in their billion dollar conversations? We don’t make enough money to be in their circle! That’s why Kanye can’t break into the fashion industry and why they (rich black people) won’t put their money together to purchase a professional sports team. There is probably more than a little ‘red tape’ to get around. America was built on racism and classism why wouldn’t that still be happening today?

Technology has also really been a vehicle for the recent ‘popularity’ of the illuminati over the past decade or so. This is a double edged sword because people think they can just google something and the correct information automatically comes up. There’s no more hardcover encyclopedias where information is more concrete. We have wiki where we the people have the freedom to change up information (Black History included) as we see fit. In my field if it is not what we call ‘peer reviewed’ meaning if another professional in the field does not co-sign or you have no concrete evidence to support your claim then your thoughts, views, and opinions are null and void. Something Rap music needs to take note of. So now instead of reading about the original origin of the Illuminati people google a name or a phrase and take what they see and run with it. They are banking on your ignorance. There are even two definitions of illuminati online! The original origin is a group of people who were teaching the people on a higher level of critical thinking not devil worshipping. You think people would allow family members to be killed for a ‘sacrifice’ for their success?! Why? Would you? Ok, so why would they? They’re no different from me and you.

Just because I don’t believe in the illuminati as described by popular culture does not mean I don’t believe that we aren’t being controlled on many levels. The billionaires at the top of that Forbes list are who we need to be talking about. These politicians and other people that we will probably never know until WE reach a certain level of success don’t care who we confront as long as it isn’t them. The people on that Forbes list own the companies we are consumers of. We use their products on a daily basis in our lives and most of us would be lost without some of those products. Medication, food, gas, and even your music purchases. We could easily stand up to these corporations by boycotting on a serious level but we don’t want to live without our Western world conveniences. No wonder people some people in other countries don’t like Americans. The corporate owners have developed the perfect lazy, materialistic, and spoiled consumer economic system.  The owners of these companies are keeping us at bay and refusing to do business with those of us in a position to do so in order to slow our success and in most cases stop us from trying. Money means nothing if you are of African descent while other minority groups such as Asians and some Middle Eastern cultures are sometimes allowed to reach such levels of success. Yes I said ALLOWED because if you’re not white THEY have to ALLOW you to reach certain levels of success. Yes everything is based on race whether people are racist or not. I call it institutionalized racism meaning racism is so imbedded in our culture that we don’t perceive a lot of what we do as racist when it is like a desensitization to racism.

The owners of these companies are the ones who influence our politics resulting in economic changes, educational policies, and laws being made against Blacks and minorities. These are the people we need to be focused on not the rappers! They are merely pawns in the game and some are even making the consumer out to be pawns as well. Every time a rapper mentions the illuminati it puts a certain idea into the mind of our youth our future. We are bringing ourselves down and holding ourselves back with this idea of minorities mostly Black people, have to be associated with the devil in order to reach a grander level of success. The labels know the formula so they tell the rappers “add this” and “don’t get to conscious” on us! Just saying illuminati will get you radio play. I bet this blog post will get a lot of traffic just because illuminati is in the title! If we spent the same amount of time calling out these corporate owners and politicians instead of using rappers as the usual scapegoat then I’m sure our society would be better off. If it did exist I wouldn’t want to be successful and yet many people still do all the while believing in such a wives-tale.



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