Substance Abuse

First things first, this is not a drug related piece. Second, if you do not watch Power go ahead and start watching from Season 1 and clear your calendar because yesterday’s episode was one for the books. 50 Cent has been able to reinvent himself as the bad guy since he released his debut album, Get Rich or Die Trying in 2002. No matter what stunts, beefs, or shenanigans were going on with Mr. Curtis Jackson he always capitalized on the moment by releasing great music or a product. In case you didn’t know the music industry is a business. You have to be able to keep up with the times and the people. You have to grow with your audience and create new ways for your “brand” to be rejuvenated every few years to attract new “fans.”

As an artist you have to have substance. You have to have personality, be likeable, inspiring, admirable, and a host of other things just to maintain your current level of “success.” Certain rappers like Tekashi can’t go on forever on the path they are currently on. Anyone who has dyed their dreds needs to go back to having Black hair. Loosen up your clothes and buy a suit because when you grow up you can’t wear just anything to the board room. If you want to expand your brand expand your message. That’s how you create a long lasting career as a Rapper. Look at 50 Cent, WuTang, Redman & Method Man, Jay Z, and Nas; they haven’t been around for twenty years because they kept beefing with each other, getting involved in shootouts, or stabbing label executives their whole careers. They had to evolve with the time and grow up as men should.

You have to take what you’re made of and constantly remind people how talented you are. That way they can’t get enough of you and they begin to take the substance that you have as an artist and abuse that. They Beyhive, the Barbs, and the Rihanna Navy are more than fandom nicknames. These people are hooked on the drug that these artists present themselves to be. Elusive yet personable, smart yet funny, sexy yet elegant. Their fans are substance abusers who eat, breath, and live for them. That’s what Rappers needs to do instead of flooding the market with music, photos, shows, and interviews. There is no hype surrounding a sneaker that is being released at Walmart. Show us that you have more to offer as a person. Show your fans that you’re human and not a gimmick, unless you are.

“They say the world ain’t recovered from his fix.” – Jay Z (Dopeman)

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