Summer Heat!

It is mid-July and I don’t know about you all but this heat has been disrespectful this past week. I was hoping I could get some music that’s just as hot. I know Jay just dropped an album but there aren’t any “radio friendly” joints on 4:44. I mean if he had a radio joint track the song would probably play for the next 4 years. There are a few albums out there that I can see myself bumping for the rest of the summer but the radio still doesn’t play any songs from those projects. It’s a shame that even great music can’t get radio-play without radio-pay. I want some summer heat that I can ride to, party to, and exercise to! Where are the summer classics? In 1996 the summer classic was the N.O.R.E. album and eleven years later that joint is still hot! There are a lot of antics and drama that some of us engage in when we could be engaging with good music. Where’s Fab with my “Summertime Shootout 3”? Where’s Styles P with my Friday freestyles?

I didn’t see any good releases on TIDAL this morning so what’s the deal Hip Hop Heads? Is there a lack of quality artistry? Or is there a lack of individuality? Summer is usually reserved for blockbuster movies but with movies come music. Are there any good movies that need the talents of an awesome poet? Does anyone even see Rap as poetry anymore? When the film Bad Boys II was released in 2003 Nelly had the summer hit withShake Ya Tailfeatherand I’m telling you they played that one song damn near the entire movie! Do you all know how big a movie check is compared to a Rap check? No it’s not about the money but don’t ever get it twisted, get yours! There are a lot of remake films and films starring popular characters and all of them could benefit from a little Hip Hop music.

Pharrell had “Despicable Me 3” on lockdown but that was a movie for children and as far as I know we’re all adults here. 1996’s “Set It Off” and “Nutty Professor” had a soundtracks with some lyrical tyrants featured on multiple tracks. Those are two soundtracks are debatable classics! The current market is prime for one-hit wonders. If XXL feels so confident about their freshman class why not put out a compilation album? QC the label could definitely do a compilation album because they have all of the hottest artists in the game on their roster. They even have a page on their website where anyone can upload their music for them to hear. So what or who are they skipping over? Are we skipping over anything? Am I skipping over anything? I’m my own radio program director because if I purchase or stream an album unless it’s a priority I listen on my own time in my own space. That way I can reflect and listen without all the media hate and fan hype but in the summer time I want to hear something that I guarantee me some fun.

“And with a pen and pad I compose this rhyme, To hit you and get you equipped for the summer time” – The Fresh Prince (Summertime)

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