Swedish Meatballs

A$AP Rocky is in a Swedish jail after getting into a physical confrontation from what seems to be fans according to video released after the Harlem Rapper’s arrest. It was apparent from the video that the young fans were following Rocky and his entourage because they wanted to be compensated for their broken property. Despite the property being used as a weapon by the alleged fan. Long story short, Rocky and his crew are locked up until the court hearing which is scheduled for mid-August. If you think getting locked up in the U.S. is bad, imagine being locked up in a place where you’re not fluent in the language and have no context of the laws in that country. Immigrants deal with it on a daily basis here in this country, but they press on with no income or familial support in some cases.

To go overseas and just think that you can walk around freely with little to no real protection is a meatball-head choice. We’ve seen this same story recently with Freddie Gibbs and now he’s back rapping in the booth but to go through that psychological torture is another thing. Rocky is said to only be eating one apple a day but he is definitely eating his own words. While others seem to be rallying around the high-fashion emcee, others still remember when Rocky talked negatively about the #BlackLivesMatter Movement and why he doesn’t talk about politics in his music. The overall optic of this whole situation reflects poorly on Rocky right now because he needs the movement to help get him out of that Swedish jail. People want to be absolved from their past so quickly but, have you really changed? Those tweets and statements are from 2016, but everything lives online forever.

Fashion raps can loose it’s luster when the fans can’t relate. He may want to start speaking on politics, social issues, or other global concerns. Rapping has always been about the words and the content so you have to be careful what you say…or don’t say. This is an A$AP summer as the festivals are where the Mob shine but Rocky will not be in attendance. Money being lost and in lawyer fees and you’re not making any money in jail. It’s not like he’s got a new song spinning on the radio or any streaming platforms. You’re only as good as your last bag and it looks like Sweden’s secured theirs.

“You remember when you came to Sweden.” – Big Sean (Same Time, Pt. 1)

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