“They” is a refurbished word popularized by DJ Khaled. Most of us think it’s funny and keep it moving but he does drop some “major keys”. Others joke and ask who is they and why are they conspiring against me? This may be news to some people but when most African-Americans mention them they are referring to the United States government. That context goes back to the Civil Rights Era just evolving over time from slavery as a reference to whites. Now a POC (person of color) has to be born an entrepreneur at a young age because the cost of living in this country with the lack of education and jobs. Hip Hop has always been an industry where a person can make their own lane and hopefully contribute to the culture at the same time. The problem with that is they have our young entrepreneurs tangled up in the system or abusing drugs.

They have built a system works off of poor people with most of them being Black or Brown. They have the media on a constant fearmongering campaign so Brown could be a Muslim or Hispanic person. Rap music is included in the media as well. I’ve never heard a Rapper say anything derogatory about Muslims but there have been references to terrorists and terrorism. They are misconstruing the real messages DJ Khaled is sending but we just have to eat more candy in order to get the medicine. I guess you could say it’s processed? So does that equate to commercialism? You make your own choice.

You have to pay attention to what they are doing and how they are steering Hip Hop and Rap music. There are some Emcees and Rappers that cannot be denied but there are a lot of new and young Emcees and Rappers that have been in the game for several years now and have yet to get their messages over the airwaves and on television. You have to ask questions when certain artists get deals and certain platforms. I do give credit to TIDAL for having Rappers and Emcees who have crazy underground followings. They are trying to rewrite the culture like they did Rock N Roll and Jazz. They pushed Rap music so far into New Jack Swing that R&B is almost nonexistent! We seem to be gaining back a little integrity in the music and through social media you can share graffiti pictures globally in seconds so the culture is still thriving. If they rewrote Rock N Roll and Jazz we can’t have them take away, another one. *DJ Khaled voice*

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