That’s Law

Colin Kaepernick inspired other athletes to take a stand by remaining seated and since then those athletes have received the same backlash from “fans” and certain media outlets. However, yesterday was the fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks so any form of protest they call themselves doing probably lost its meaning in the sea of red, white, and blue pomp and circumstance. I guarantee you Kaepernick reviewed the policies of the NFL and the NFLPA before he made the decision to stay seated during the national anthem. I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing the law and operating within said laws. The Black Panther Party took open carry to new heights in the seventies and ever since then these United States have told us that certain laws don’t pertain to people of color or poor minorities. Every state has their “interpretation” of federal laws that govern our country. Virginia is an open carry commonwealth but the state of Florida does not allow anyone to open carry a gun of any kind. Certain cities and counties in Virginia have open carry laws in effect as well. For example, you can open carry in the city of Hampton but not in the bordering city of Newport News.

What I love about Hip Hop Culture is we make our own rules and we police ourselves but not in the way we used to do. We “troll” each other because my generation didn’t bridge the gap with this generation we don’t know how to talk to each other without someone being offended while the other is being disrespected. If we want to take back our music and our culture we must operate within the “laws” of the industry. I know that is contradictory of what was said before but if we want this thing called Hip Hop back we have to play the game. If you carry yourself with integrity you need to do business with the same amount of integrity. Don’t Rap rhyme that you wouldn’t want your own children to recite. Don’t air content that isn’t suitable for young ears on a radio station whose listeners are under the age of twenty. If your boss doesn’t like it go into business for yourself because that’s the person who is hindering you with absurd rules and regulations.

All I’m saying is that we need to start what we finish and not allow others to dictate to us how we should operate within our own culture. Africa was invaded, Black Wall Street was invaded, and now they want to invade Hip Hop Culture. If Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to “mess” with than what about the rest of Hip Hop? Due to the influence of technology Hip Hop will never be the same again and that’s fine because it’s not about Rap music going back to the Golden Era it’s about the people who created it (Black and Brown people) getting their majority shares back. There is a system set up and sometimes we have to operate within that system in order to break it. You have to learn it and be able to do business with your eyes closed. You can be a jack of all trades but you may be a master of none until you get in a position of power to enact change.

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