The Battle-Ax

Remy Ma has released “another one”, another diss track to Nicki Minaj titled Deceased. At this point Remy is just throwing salt in the wound and the result is that Nicki will never live this down just like her ex-boo Meek Mill’s career will be forever haunted by Drake’s Back to Back. Nicki Minaj clearly doesn’t want to or doesn’t see the need to respond. Me personally, I think it’s a little too late to respond now however; no matter what she would’ve dropped it wouldn’t have had the impact ShETHER had. The entire Hip Hop/Rap community would have been clowning her and as we all know, the internet does not sleep! Women have a long history of battle rapping and have made history with their contributions to the culture. Roxanne Shante was the first emcee to body an entire crew in U.T.F.O. with Roxannes’s Revenge.

MC Lyte battled Antoinette after the emcee rapped on a record that sounded like Top Billin which was written by Lyte’s actual brother and some say there were bars in the song meant for Lyte. Well Lyte did not take this sitting down and ate MC Antoinette for dinner with her song 10% Diss. Queen Latifah stepped off the throne to put Foxy Brown in her place with Name Callin’ Part II. The battles between Foxy Brown and Lil Kim were more like a beef as the two never exchanged bars directly. The two were mostly just shady towards each other behind the scenes resulting in the fans never getting that Thelma and Louise project that we all were waiting for. Women have pretty much held their own in the world of Rap battles but the irony is that most of these women only battled other women and not the men. In a field that is dominated by men pumped up with bravado, testosterone, and misogyny it is hard to fathom that none of these women had issues with any of the men in the industry.

Why do women always have to fight for the top spot as if there is only enough room for one? Who is in their ear? (Think about that one for a bit) What is the real motivation behind some of these diss tracks? Yes, Nicki Minaj and Remy have been trading bars for months but why did Nicki feel the need to go at Remy Ma for simply stating that she’s the Queen of Rap? Every emcee should believe they’re the King or the Queen! Earth to Ms. Minaj, Rap is a competitive verbally aggressive sport! Who told you it was a good idea to Rap about Remy Ma on the Gucci record? Who put the battery in your back Onika? You and Remy should’ve been getting money honey, securing the bag! But instead you secured your spot in pop culture for the rest of your career. Nicki Minaj has never won a Grammy which is THE coveted music award but Rap isn’t about plaques and awards it’s about bars Barbie! So if you aren’t writing any bars for the battle please go have a seat in one because you can get the axe.

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