The Call for an Overhaul in Hip Hop & American Society

With 2014 coming to a close we’re going to have to make some serious changes as we continue to revive our culture in 2015. I did a recent blog post about ‘Embracing Hip Hop in 2015’ but that focused on only one part of it. We need a systematic change in Rap music. We need to change the infrastructure on the executive level of these labels, radio stations, online media sites, and the major corporations that give out these deals. That is where we take back the culture. In order to start the change we need in the culture we have to be in control of our culture. We lost control of Hip Hop years ago before Nas said it was dead. Hip Hop has been taken over by those who are not from our culture. Only in 2014 have we coined a name for these types of people, culture vultures. Feeding on the lifeless body of Hip Hop. Our culture has been infiltrated by these people and they have been living and thriving off of us and our hard work. Lots of artists have come into the game and had their earnings pinched on by so many executives, lawyers, managers, and the like. These people are selfish narcissist that will exploit anyone for their own personal gain.

We’ve identified the problem now what is the solution and how do we execute the plan. For this solution you need patience. A complete takeover can’t happen overnight. You need to be resilient, determined, and passionate. This is not for the weak minded. You have to be willing to take risks for what you believe in and for what you know is right. The solution is simple and easy, educate yourself. The fifth element of Hip Hop, knowledge. If we have to replace every person in a place of power than they have to be replaced with a competent individual that can be held accountable in order to carry on the true legacy of Hip Hop culture. That legendary emcee that inspired your favorite rapper deserves to be in a position of influence and power in the field of Hip Hop. These young rappers need to be mentored by these emcees. They need that Hip Hop Study Guide. Changing Hip Hop from the inside out will require everyone’s help including the consumers. If we had a black owned distributor that could change the game but those that can afford to purchase such a company have not done so. Educating yourself is the key, knowledge is power. If we knew that we descended from the most high kings and queens of Africa we’d have more pride in ourselves. If we focused more on the knowledge instead of the materialistic things maybe we’d be in a better place as a people. I give you book reviews and book listings for a reason, to educate yourself. The problems we are experiencing in Hip Hop are the same issues we’re having in American society. People are protesting and marching which is all good, I wish I was out there with you all but we need to do this simultaneously. We need to oust every politician, every major corporation, and every conglomerate we can. These people are from the ages of segregation and beyond and are running their businesses as plantations getting most of their earning power from cheap prison labor and high prices for the poor.

Business and politics are intertwined so tightly that we need our children to grow up to become these politicians and local representatives in order to make the change. We have to replace the good ol’ boys with our children. That is why school is so important. I know in some cities children risk their lives just walking to school but that’s been happening since slaves secretly learned to read and write only it was at the hands of whites and in a lot of cities it’s at the hands of our own people. HBCUs were established so we wouldn’t go to school with their children but we neglect those institutions today. They make it easy for our children to get an advanced education but we are afraid of student loans which have no real bearing on your life whether you pay them or not. Better to have student loans than a bunch of debt from the pay day loan company. When you get into a position of control bring your sister or brother into the fold. If you’re interviewing someone hire the minority over the majority and give them a chance to prove they can do the work and make the change.

Share the opportunity and be the change you want to see by paying it forward. Teach your children to prioritize their mind instead of the dollar. Those Jordan’s aren’t worth $300.00 if it takes you two weeks to make that much money. Focus! In 2015 black lives still won’t matter until we change the laws that declare us worthless. We have to be willing to forgo the spotlight and do the work in the background. In the industry you can have a longer career playing the background. You can be just as successful behind the camera as you can in front of it. Famous people aren’t rich and rich people aren’t famous. Christopher Columbus is famous but at what cost? You’re an idiot that got lost so they tried to spin your story to make you look good but that’s white privilege. Even when we are killed in cold blood for no reason we are demonized and the real suspect’s story is spun to make him look like good for screwing up. We need to get serious about learning and educating ourselves and each other. You can’t teach someone something you know nothing about. Make sure your child is in school. Make sure they see you improving your education. Are you getting your GED? Study with your child while they do their homework. Study together. Learn together. That’s a great way to spend time together as well. Don’t let your children see you give up because it’s easier to give up than to press on. Take on the pressure that it takes to be successful because you can do it. Stop listening to that mainstream radio and listen to some thought provoking Rap music in order to stimulate your mind and think critically. If you have a degree you need to be sharing your education with your community. The kids need to see you they need to know you graduated from high school and went on to college. Knowledge is the key to it all and they have diminished the light of the fifth element and have blinded us with jewelry and other things that we can’t afford. If we replace the higher ups with our children and the legendary artists that are down for the cause Hip Hop and the entire country would be in a better position to function correctly.

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